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Scott Reynolds has started the Kickstarter for his album, make this happen because I need to hear this! Lots of awesome rewards!


REVIEW: Born Without Bones: Say Hello

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Born Without Bones is here with their album from Animal Style Records. They bring a brand of pop punk that heavily leans into indie rock to borrow some sound. The album is pretty decent though I can’t really say there’s any standout tracks. It’s far from awful, unfortunately it’s also far from a must own, at least for me. There’s a crowd where I can really see this being on the ‘must own now’ list, that includes people that are heavily into Death Cab for Cutie, Jimmy Eat World, The Starting Line…you probally have an idea by now. If that’s what you’re really into then you should give this record a listen, you’ll most likely dig it. For me, I’m more of a traditional pop punk guy, it didn’t do a lot for me except work well in the background while I was sitting around doing a lot of nothing. You can get the record from Animal Style records or if you like digital things it’s up on the band’s bandcamp page.

1. Say Hello
2. Out Of Step
3. Falling Asleep
4. Em
5. Consider This.
6. Sound Of A Crowded Room
7. GKN
8. You
9. Sunday
10. Arachnophobia
11. Privileges
12. The Camera Turns

Get Say Hello from Amazon HERE


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