The Reveling bring to the table something I’ve been hearing a small amount more from today, real straight forward punk rock. I’m a fan of this because once you go into so many sub-genres you can get bogged down and things start to sound the same. However as down the line as The Reveling sound they spin a good amount of a melodic sound into things to set them apart from the pack. They’d go in your play list right along with Nightlights and Samiam with no problem. I’ve heard everything that the Reveling has released at this point and this album is far and away the best stuff they’ve done. It’s got all their best songs and you have a good time listening to it. You can get it from Black Numbers right now.

1.  Revival
2.  Charlotte Thompson
3.  Chasing My Tail
4.  Left at Forkright
5.  Plaster Saints
6.  Ironbound
7.  Black and Tan
8.  Unglued
9.  Last Act
10. Invitations to Alleyways

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