A Bourne movie without Jason Bourne, it seems like they’ve turned the corner where they’re now trying to make this into an ongoing series even without the main guy, and I was all for it. The previews for this movie looked great; I was on board from the start. I’d never cared about any of the Bourne movies before this but in anticipation for this movie I watched the previous three, turns out two of them aren’t bad. The first one was a total bore, the third one was pretty good and I liked the second one a whole lot. The idea with the new one is Jason Bourne wasn’t the only ‘super soldier’, there’s a whole program of these guys. Somewhere along the line the information leaks that they even exist so the guys behind it decide to shut everything down, and that includes killing off the subjects and the doctors who worked on the program. One of the subjects gets away and tries to stay alive while scrambling to get his hands on the meds that helped him become the super human that he currently is. It does make him look like a bit of a drug addict, but I guess if you had enhanced abilities you’d want to hang onto them too. Tony Gilroy, the guy who wrote the previous three films is writing this one again, but this time he’s also behind the director’s chair, he hasn’t had much experience there but I’d say he did a pretty decent job. There wasn’t anything from a director standpoint that stuck out so bad that I couldn’t look past it. Jeremy Renner is Aaron Cross, our new super soldier hero for this movie, he’s a guy that I never really noticed until The Town, since then I think everything I’ve seen him I’ve liked a lot. He’s a great choice for this movie, not only is he a great actor in general, he’s a much better actor and believable action star than Matt Damon. He’s not the only great thing going as far as actors that we’ve got here, the movie also has the great Edward Norton and legendary Stacy Keach, what’s not to like here? The movie had less of a spy movie thing going on than I was hoping for (the reason I like Supremacy so much is that it’s very spy movie heavy), but does have some good action. It’s got some nice trills in there too and there’s a real good chase scene that lasts a pretty long time. The only glairing negative thing I can say about the entire thing is the very end was pretty weak, but if you can pull off a two hour and fifteen minute movie without making me feel like I’ve been sitting there forever I’ll let that slide. This one still didn’t top my love for The Bourne Supremacy, and it’s no James Bond but it is better than the other two Bourne movies and is a pretty damn decent action movie. If you’re into people running from guys trying to kill them and chases and quick fights, you’ll probably enjoy The Bourne Legacy.

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