This is a split I was pretty excited for, even though I’d have been way way more excited if this was Municipal Waste before they signed to Earache Records, but from the sounds of their last album since leaving that label they’re getting back on track, and Toxic Holocaust is always on point. Sadly it turns out Municipal Waste haven’t quite gotten there yet. Both of the Waste songs sound like a band trying to sound like Municipal Waste. They don’t seem to have that pure thrash heart that they use to. The vocals are a little weak and the riffs are very tired, still I’ve heard much worse…from this band even. That brings us to the other side, Toxic Holocaust is here making a strong argument to be the king of thrash that the punk kids listen to. The first song ‘We Bring Em Hell’ just punches you in the face with the strong mean vocals from hell and the thundering guitar riff. This is how thrash should be; this is how Toxic Holocaust does it. If you thought the first Toxic Holocaust was good, hell you ain’t heard nothing yet. The second song ‘Altar-ed States’ is pure thrash bliss. This song is just fucking incredible, it’s a little slower than I tend to like my thrash but by no means is it a slow song, this is pure evil wonderful thrash. If nothing else this shows you side by side that Municipal Waste really needs to get back on their game, because there are plenty other bands like Toxic Holocaust that can climb the thrash mountain with no problem.

1. Trapped in the Sites
2. Mourning Sex

3. We Bring Em Hell
4. Altar-ed States

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