Abstract Artimus is here with the album Rite of Passage, its ten songs that’ll get you through your day (or night). They blend southern rock, 70’s rock and hard rock perfectly into one music style. It’s like you’re listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple at the same time. These songs really give you that in mind experience, it’s like the soundtrack to that party were you’ve had too much to drink and have smoked some weed. The great thing about this though, is unlike most music that I’d fit into something like that is it’s not disorganized and scattered, you can tell time was put into making these songs. They have a solid base and everything is right in its place to make perfectly structured songs, ten times in a row. I’d recommend this to anyone into 70’s rock, this is the best example of it I’ve heard in a long time, and its obvious Abstract Artimus has a lot of talent and will be putting out quality music for a while to come.

1. Rite of Passage
2. At Large
3. Quitters Face
4. Destitute in Vestibule
5. Privelege
6. Anger and Envy
7. 27 Club
8. My Morticia
9. Torture Chile
10. Unearthly Sky

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