Another split I was super excited for, The Headies and The Boys Club. Two bands I’ve loved everything they’ve put out so far and now they’re on one record, featuring what might be my favorite cover art of the year. The Headies don’t waste any time, their first song ‘Baby Don’t Go’ is a pretty fast one, and if you know the song title the lyrics are going to be pretty quick to pick up, I really dig this song. Their second song, ‘I’ve Been Around’, is a bit slower, a big surfy and adds a saxophone if I’m not mistaken. Anyone that knows me will tell you that adding some brass to a punk song will get me turned off pretty quick, but that’s not the case here, I’m totally down with it. In true Headies fashion this song isn’t very long but it’s fucking great. The Boys Club hasn’t been around near as long as The Headies have but they’re holding up their end of this split with no problem. Both of their songs are a slower power pop/rock type thing. Like if Superchunk spent all day listening to 50’s and 60’s rock. Their first song, ‘Bleeding Texas’ might be as long as the two Headies ones combined but you don’t feel the length; it flies right by with you singing along to it, this is one of the best songs The Boys Club has recorded. The second one ‘Hand in Hand’ is so good the first time I heard it I felt it was like a song I’ve known for years. People who are into Chuck Berry, Beach Boys, the Ramones, Superchunk, pop punk, surf rock, well you get the idea…go get ‘Imposters’ right now from De Nada Records!

The Headies:
1. Baby Don’t Go
2. I’ve Been Around

The Boys Club:
3. Bleeding Texas
4. Hand in Hand

Get it from De Nada Records HERE

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