Run, Forever is an indie rock band much in the way a band like Unwelcome Guests are. If you’re hell bent on shoving them into a sub-genre indie rock would be the one but they bring so much more to the table. When you listen to these songs you can hear elements of bands like the Pixies and Violent Femmes and even some country thrown in for good measure. This is the band’s full length debut, and if this is any indication of how good the band is going to continue to be you should jump on board right now. You can get it right now from Solidarity Recordings, you won’t regret it. There’s not a weak link in these ten songs, can you’ll get your money’s worth listening to them many times over.

1. A Sequence of Sad Events
2. For God or Gold
3. The Grand Illusion
4. There’s only Today
5. When it Won’t Leave
6. No Truth
7. 10,000 Leagues
8. Graves
9. The Devil, and Death, and Me
10. Lifted

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