New Brunswick’s Brick Mower is back with a new 7″ record from Rok Lok Records featuring four great new songs. People who like good music should already know Brick Mower and own their ‘Under the Sink’ album (and everything else); this is a great follow up to that album. Its keeps the great sound of some of the best songs on that album but gives us something new ones to sing along to. There are four really good songs that make up this 7″, especially ‘National Washboard’ but without a doubt the best song on here is ‘Instant Rectification’ I could listen to that one a hundred times over and still want more. If you’re a fan of Superchunk and Jawbreaker style pop punk then you need this record.

1. Cheap Gasoline
2. Instant Rectification
3. National Washboard
4. Supernatural Bakesale

Get it from Rok Lok Records HERE

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