Premium Rush, the story of a bike messenger, or more accurately, a bike messenger vs. a cop with a gambling problem. I’m not too fond of bikers, in fact I kind of hate them. Every time someone on a bike fell in this movie I said “good”, so you may ask why I even bothered to see a movie about people on bikes, well it had Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon in it, that’s why. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a great actor I use to watch ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’ and that show was great but ever since I saw ‘Brick’ I was hoping he’d breakout and get a lot of good roles soon, that seems to be happening now and he’s really stepped up. Michael Shannon is a guy I haven’t seen in much but just from his role on ‘Boardwalk Empire’ I can say this dude is fantastic, he’s quickly becoming a guy who’s movies I’m going to see. So we’ve got two great actors in a movie that focuses on something I hate, but it worked out pretty well. The story is pretty interesting so that kept me pretty involved. I can’t really say the same for the characters, Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and Bobby Monday (Michael Shannon) were really the only characters I cared about and Tito, an old biker who said some seemingly crazy things with nowhere enough screen time was the only person I really liked in the movie. Even still with that I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. Wilee is giving a ticket to deliver by a girl on Campus; it’s a receipt for 50 G’s that she’s using to get her son in the country. Deceive Monday is trying to steal that ticket because he’s in debt with some shady gambling dudes. Somewhere mixed in this Wilee has an annoying douche rival, Manny and an ex-girlfriend he’s still trying to get back, Vanessa. Both Many and Vanessa can be ride off a peer for all I care but they’re there so you gotta deal with them. The whole movie is pretty much a chase, which is ok, the actual bike chases aren’t entirely interesting but whole cat and mouse game is pretty fun. Though you apparently have to throw in a bumbling nameless bike cop for laughs (or not, it would have saved time). Director David Koepp (Stir of Echoes) made some weird choices; at least I’m going to blame him because he was the writer and director. There are a lot of unnecessary flashbacks, the story could have very easily just been told linearly, there were no big secret revels or anything, and they were just kind of, dumb. But not as annoying as the “route vision” like a jump sections into the future of which bike course will have which consequences, I just rolled my eyes every time that happened. It may seem like I’m doing a lot of complaining here but I did really like the movie, though it’s without question due to two great actors saving the day. Premium Rush is no Rad (the greatest bike movie ever made) but it’s pretty good. Though unless you really like seeing people ride around on bikes being jerks in traffic I’d recommend redboxing it or waiting for it to come on TV.

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