No Trigger is back with their second album, and this time it’s on No Sleep Records. This label seems to be stepping up their game with the additions of No Trigger and most recently, Mixtapes. This is No Trigger’s second album, and it fucking rips. Most of the songs are short and to the point but they’re very melodic at the same time. It reminds heavily of Kid Dynamite and None More Black (the vocals are even in that same vein). Towards the album they even throw in what seems to be a lot of a Strike Anywhere influence. Start to finish there’s not a bad song on here, it’s a great fit to fill the void left in this corner of hardcore right now. If you like melodic hardcore No Trigger is an excellent band doing it in 2012.

1. Maple Boy
2. Dried Piss
3. Windmill and Watertower
4. Checkmate
5. Department of the Interior
6. Mountaineer
7. Insider (Executive / Amputee)
8. New Brains
9. Permanent
10. Skyscrapers
11. Turn In My Throat

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