Well with this movie I can no long say Kevin Spacey has never been in a bad movie, however he was just in a bit part here so the blame can’t be on him. Actually I’m not quite sure where to put the blame here; personally I’m going to pin it on the director and writer, Daniel Petrie and Amos Poe. Everyone in this movie did pretty well, it just didn’t work out. Besides Kevin Spacey the only other real names in here are Burt Lancaster and a very young Macaulay Culkin. Basically it’s the story if this old man, he’s got a big family with kids and grandkids, his birthday is coming up…but so is his death. Everyone is wondering what to get him for his birthday and worried about planning the party but the grandkids seem to be the only ones really listening to what he actually wants. The problem is pretty apparent, the movie is just slow and boring, no other way to say it. It’s far from the worst movie I’ve ever seen but it will certainly cure your insomnia. It’s an all around bland film.

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