This split 7″ has been rumored to come out for years and finally it is here on Asian Man records! I had super high expectations for this not only because of who is on it but because the long wait. Mikey’s side as ‘Flower Tattoo’ a Down By Law cover, and an original that we’ve heard before. ‘Flower Tattoo’ is fucking great, I’ve never been a big Down By Law fan but this is pretty awesome. The other song is ‘Song Against Ian Raymond’ it’s a song you know if you have that Ergquest 7″ (which you should), this is a different version, and honestly I like the other version better but it’s still a great song so there’s nothing bad to say about it. There’s a full band here and I believe it’s actually Mikey doing all the instruments. The Alex side has two originals of his, I’m a Lemuria fan and I really like that demo he put out a while ago but these two songs don’t live up to that at all. They really bored me which was a major bummer. I’ll still look forward to more Alex solo stuff but this one missed the mark. Alex was the full band for his songs on this. Lemuria fans and Mikey Ergs fans most likely bought this the first chance they got, you shouldn’t wait, it’s a one-time pressing of 500 records.

Alex Kerns
1. Responsibility of the Doll
2. Criminal To Be Alone

Mikey Erg
3. Flower Tattoo
4. Song Against Ian Raymond

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