This movie is further proof that Kevin Spacey doesn’t make bad movies. Consenting Adults however is a movie that Kevin doesn’t have to carry alone, Kevin Kline is in as the co-starring role, I never knew they did a movie together, but it’s a good thing they did, it’s a great team. We’ve also got Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as an added bonus in a good sized role here and even a bit of Forest Whitaker. Basically what we’ve got here is Richard Parker and Priscilla Parker are a nice married couple, Eddy and Kay Otis move in next to them. Eddy is a bit of a scam artist, they find out this out when he offers to pull something to help his neighbors get out of debt; they take the money but do it reluctantly. Eventually the two couple become close friends; Eddy wants to make it more than friends with a bit of a wife swap deal, as you can imagine this turns bad, but not in the way you may think. Someone ends up in jail on murder charges; he claims he’s innocent, while attempting to prove this some more bodies start to stack up. I loved the way this movie went, there’s a few turns, some you don’t see at all, some I was thinking ‘it would be awesome if this happened but they won’t do that’. A lot of people seem to be down on this movie a lot for some reason but I think the cast took this ball and ran all the way downfield with it. If you’re into murder mysteries Consenting Adults is a movie you should check out.

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