Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham is a DC Elseworlds title, which is kind of DC’s version of Marvel’s ‘What If?’, these range from pretty bad to great, which is to be expected with things like this. A lot of times they turn out to be kind of goofy, this one takes the Batman story and kind of flips it to Catwoman. Like literally, Catwoman has the parents murdered in an alley origin, she’s rich, has a batcave, a batmobile (all cat themed) and a butler (whom is a sexy young girl in a maid’s uniform instead of Alfred). With the Elseworlds everything is a little different, Catwoman looks mostly like she did for that period except she’s wearing a corset over her costume, and Commissioner Gordon appears unchanged, as does Killer Croc. Two-Face is a woman that use to be a model, Joker hasn’t changed much except he has hooks in his face keeping his eyes open and his mouth in a smile, it’s pretty disturbing. Since Catwoman is the hero here Batman has been changed to the villain. At first it’s believed he’s another vigilante who simply kills the people he comes up against, soon it’s found out he’s simply taking out the competition before he starts his crime spree. The look of Batman is mostly unchanged but the small changes do make him look pretty damn scary. It’s basically a tattered cape and red eyes but it’s pretty affective. Bruce Wayne is even a scoundrel in here; he’s a poor man that seduces Selina Kyle for her money. All in all this was a pretty fun read. There isn’t a whole lot of craziness going on in this one as it’s simply a role reversal but its two issues and a fun read. Doug Moench and Jim Balent are the men behind this one; if you’re a Batman or Catwoman fan you’ll most likely enjoy it.

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