Black Numbers has released this split between four bands, two of them are completely new to me, but I figured it’s got the Copyrights on it so it’s got some cred with me. The first thing I really noticed about this is it wasn’t one song by each band, the way most four way splits are. This one has two by each giving you a little more bang for your buck. Grey Area have two late 90’s style punk songs, these songs are seriously great. I thought the first song was a top notch song with a lot of pop in it but the second one is even better, it’s got more of a Samiam edge in it. The Reveling is the first band on here that I’d heard before. The first song has a lot of positive energy, I’d put it on a CD with ‘You’re the Best’ in a second. The second song doesn’t have the same energy but might be a better song overall. The next two songs are by one of the best pop punk bands going today, the Copyrights. The first being you’re pretty standard Copyrights affair, fast, lots of energy and super fun sounding. Not their best song, but it’s a great one; I hope this makes it in their normal set list so I can sing along to it. The second song is a Scared of Chaka cover; honestly I’m not as well versed in Scared of Chaka as I should be, though I will say this is a great song. How it stands up to the original though, I regretfully admit I do not know. The last two songs are by Luther, the first one is a decent indie song. Kind of reminds me of Koufax without the keyboards (I know, sounds weird to say). The second song is pretty good but not as good as the first, there’s a little too much going on here for me. Final thoughts here, you should pick this thing up. The Copyrights completely own this thing but have Grey Area biting at their heels for the gold star. Reveling and Luther are no slouches either. You get four really good bands with eight quality songs.

1. Grey Area – Lucky
2. Grey Area – Bad Anything
3. The Reveling – Trust Me
4. The Reveling – It’s Time To Ride
5. The Copyrights – The New Frontier
6. The Copyrights – Straight to the Office (Scared of Chaka cover)
7. Luther – Sixty-One
8. Luther – The Door is a Penthouse

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