A three part series from 1995, there are things to like about this and things not to like. Written by Tom Brevoort and Mike Kanterovich, Funereal for an Octopus takes place after Doctor Octopus’ death (as you may have guessed). The series has a lot of cool things in it, it’s got Kaine, the Sinister Six, some cool fights and this takes place during the whole clone thing so you’ve got the Scarlet Spider in there too (I consider this good, I was always a fan). The art is clearly from the 90’s but not in a bad way, it looks a bit dated but holds up real well, props to Stewart Johnson and Al Milgrom for that. My only real problem with this is not a whole lot really happens. Doc Ock leaves his stuff to a family member, the Sinister Six attack, but it all seems really pointless. I guess I’d say check this out if you’re a Spider-Man fan and want something fun to read but this is far from anything essential, you can skip it without any consequence too.

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