The Muppets Take Manhattan is the third in the installment of Muppet movies and I had remembered it as being the best. Sadly it doesn’t hold up to the high standard of my memory, but that’s ok because even when the Muppets aren’t at their best, they’re still pretty damn great. It starts out with the Muppet gang in a play, which is apparently in collage, which they’re graduating. The play is a big hit there so they decide to take it to Broadway. After getting to New York they discover it’s harder to get a play onto Broadway than they thought. After months of trying the gang split up but Kermit stays in New York to continue to get the play made. After a while it finally happens, but on the way to tell everyone Kermit gets hit by a Taxi and gets amnesia. The movie has introductions of some great characters like the Swedish Chef and Rizzo the rat, there are also handful of great cameos. Where the movie falls short is it’s simply not as funny as most of the Muppet movies are. There are some good jokes for sure but the sheer amount of times I found myself laughing good was pretty low. The Muppets Take Manhattan is still a good one, but it turns out it’s down the list instead on top of it.

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