Rational Anthem is one of THE BEST bands around today, in any genre of music. I saw them play the Insubordination Records Fest pre-show a few years back and was hooked (this also got me into Traffic Street Records, best label ever). Since then they’ve just gotten better and better, if you listen at their releases from 2009 and then the recent ones you can tell it’s the same band, mostly from Noelle’s distinctive vocals, but the two eras’ are not even in the same league. This band turned the corner from being a band I enjoy listening to, to a band everyone needs to hear with their split they did with Billy Raygun and they haven’t looked back. Now they’re here with their first album, a release which was my most anticipated release of 2012, and my own hype for this was not a problem. What they’ve managed to produce is fourteen great songs that you won’t be able to stop listening to. One thing that has helped Rational Anthem to get better over the years is the song writing and that stands out a lot on this album, every song sounds like a new personal anthem that you pick up and start singing along to pretty quickly. They’ve also got a few samples thrown in between songs, which is something that I don’t hear much of anymore; I’m always welcome to more Beavis and Butt-Head in my life. One thing that they did on here is something I do normally hate from bands though, ‘You Tell Me’ is an old song from their split with the Strait A’s from a few years ago, I’ll let it slide though because it’s probably the best Rational Anthem song from that era, and it’s got a ton of whoa’s in it. This is not only one of the best albums of the year, it’s also an album that I’d be stoked to hear them play front to back. If you haven’t heard this album yet, get on it because you’re really fucking up bad right now.

1. Cool Story
2. Sleeping
3. Commitment Issues
4. Mild Nights
5. Tentative City
6. Up Up and Annoy
7. Anthem Pt.3 (story of a lonely girl)
8. Best Intentions
9. We Got Plans
10. All The Small Thangs
11. Stop Talkin
12. You Tell Me
13. Girlfriend Slightly Used
14. Cheap Smiles

Get it from John Wilkes Booth Records HERE

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