Teenage Gluesniffers are back at it, this time with a seven song EP. There were some great helping hands on this record members of Low Dèrive can be heard on backups and Chris Fogal from the Gamits’ mastered all the tracks. If you haven’t heard this band by now this is a perfect time to jump on board, these guys just keep getting better and this is just further proof of that. All of these songs are top notch; though personally I think ‘Back from Pasalacqua’ is my favorite. If I’m telling people to check out some pop punk bands you can bet Teenage Gluesniffers is high on that list, recently I put them on a mix I made for a girl, though if I could do it again I’d replace it with a song from this. These seven songs are fast (but not too fast), tight and super catchy. I’ve just been listening to this on repeat for the past hour or so, it’s really fucking great. You can get it September 8th for digital download the band’s Bandcamp page http://www.teenagegluesniffers.bandcamp.com. If you’re one of those tape weirdos Teenage Gluesniffers is doing a limited number of tapes that you can pick up, personally though I’m hoping for a record release somewhere down the line, any label would be a goofball to pass on this. If you dig pop punk you’ve got to check out Chinese Demography. And if this band ever tours America I’ll be there for sure.

1. Reinventing Mao Tse-tung
2. Sick Of You
3. Everytime
4. For You
5. My Inferno
6. Back from Pasalacqua
7. Bad Reputation

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