Ghost World is pretty much a collection of comics that were serialized in issues of Eightball. The story is by Daniel Clowes and is the story of Enid Coleslaw and Rebecca Doppelmeyer, teenage girls that go through life seemingly hating everything. For me this was one of those cases where I saw the movie before reading the source material, I’m very glad I both saw the movie and read the comics. It’s a great case of the two being very different and very much the same. The first part of the movie and the movie match up pretty much perfectly, it’s really impressive. From there the two veer off, taking two different but great directions. The comics pretty much continue in the girl’s day to day lives, the main part of the story for the comics is the possibility of Enid going to collage which would split the two friends up. They argue some and grow apart, in the end it’s kind of depressing, but it also seems pretty realistic.

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