This EP also served as a teaser to the Mixtapes new album, it’s got the title track from the album, ‘Even On The Worst Nights’ and two songs just for this EP. ‘Even On The Worst Nights’ is up there among my favorite Mixtapes songs, I don’t mind at all having it on the album and on the EP (something which I normally hate). The other two songs as great songs as well, perfect examples of how the Mixtapes continue to pump out great fast pop punk songs. The only bad thing about the last two songs is just that ‘Even On The Worst Nights’ is so damn good it’s hard to live up to. All three of these songs are champs though, if you’re a Mixtapes fan this is a must own. If you haven’t gotten into the Mixtapes yet this would be a great place to start.

1. Even On The Worst Nights
2. All the Mistakes We Make (Are Gonna Lead to All the Important Things We’re Gonna Do)
3. P.E.T.S.O.U.N.D.S.

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