The Mean Jeans are a band that not long ago kind of came out of nowhere and everybody said ‘Holy shit, these guys are good!’. After not being in existence for too long they already cranked out a handful of singles splits and an album, at this point it’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything new from the Mean Jeans but now they’re back with their drug and alcohol induced assault on pop punk with the Mean Jeans On Mars. They’ve stripped down some of the partying, though from the Yeager bottle space ship on the cover it’s clear they’re far from giving that up anytime soon. This album is way more Ramones-core than anything else they’ve released and that may be part of the reason it took me longer to get into this album. At first it doesn’t quite standout amongst the other pop punk bands doing this style like they did before. But after a few listens and with the help of songs like ‘Anybody Out There?’ and ‘I’m a Pile’ it wasn’t long before I was digging this album as much as the first time I’d heard ‘Are You Serious?’. This album will be a great addition to any pop punk fan’s collection; it’s guaranteed to be the soundtrack of many parties to come.

1. Ready 2 Rip
2. Life On Mars
3. Hangin’ Tuff
4. Crummy Crummy
5. Come Toobin’
6. Total Yo-Yo
7. School Lunch Victim
8. Anybody Out There?
9. Nite of the Creeps
10. I’m A Pile
11. Don’t Stop Partying
12. Forever In Mean Jeans
13. 2 Twisted 2 Luv U

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