It’s been seventeen years since we’ve seen Judge Dredd on the big screen and it looked to be a push in terms of the two movies. On the positive side we don’t have the comic relief of Rob Schneider, though on the negative side we don’t have Sylvester Stallone, both are rated R and have a pretty good amount of violence. Turns out my pre-movie thoughts matched up pretty well with my post movie thoughts. What you get out of Dredd 3D is exactly what you expect. Lots of violence, tons of gun fire, some good old action fun with none of the shortcomings of the first movie. While I do miss the Stallone-ness of not having Sly in the movie Karl Urban did do a very good job, much better than I expected. The only other characters of note were rounded out pretty well as well. Olivia Thirlby took the role of Judge Anderson and Lena Headey was on the villain side of things as Ma-Ma. Dredd takes the rookie Anderson out to see if she can cut the mustard of being a Judge, after responding to a flag of three homicides things quickly escalate once they find the prime suspect. Ma-Ma locks down the block tower and calls for the Judge’s heads something that I couldn’t help but have flashback to The Raid with. Sadly there isn’t all the asskicking of The Raid but there is plenty of other things to keep you having fun, people being throw two hundred stories and an exploding head to name a few. My only real complaint about this movie was the use of 3D. I’m not a 3D hater, I know many of people that are but I actually like it. However I do recognize the difference between good use of 3D and poor use of 3D, this movie was definitely the later. 3D is in the fucking title and we get this second rate bullshit, I will give them credit for not using any of the eye rolling stuff shooting right out of the screen at you that is a sure sign of bad 3D but they just didn’t use it to the full advantage as far as making the film look better. This could have been a 2D movie with no consequences; hell it most likely would have been even more enjoyable that way, too bad it doesn’t appear that that’s going to be a choice for this release. All in all it was a pretty fun movie that I’d say go see for sure if you like action flicks. I can’t really say much as far as the movie being true to the comic because if I’m honest the Judge Dredd comics could never really hold my interest for very long.

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