Bloated Kat Records brings us the new 12” record from House Boat; it’s got an awesome cover and some pretty decent content. This seems a little weird because while it is a 12” record, it only consists of two songs. However we are talking about House Boat and not only do they not do things normally, they do them pretty insanely sometimes. One of these songs is almost ten minutes, the other, slightly over thirty seconds. Now at first I was pretty annoyed at this, but after listening to it I can’t help but be on board with it. The super fucking long song ‘21st Century Breakroom’ I thought would be a combination of songs but it really does flow as one song the whole way through, it’s got some interesting choices in style changes but it all works, great song. The super fucking short song ‘Suburban Grit’ super pop punk nerds might recognize because Short Attention had done this before, still a quality super short song. If you’re apprehensive about buying a LP sized record with two songs, don’t worry, it more than makes up for it, go buy it now nerds.

  1. 21st Century Breakroom
  2. Suburban Grit

Get it from John Wilkes Booth Records HERE

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