I didn’t catch onto the Creeps quite as fast as everyone else seemed to but I’m glad I eventually got on board because these guys have a lot of seriously great songs. Now they’ve joined the ranks of the Art of the Underground Single Series with a couple of good ones. The first song ‘Creeping Me Out’ is the fast pop punk greatness that made me love this band. This song fucking rips, it’s fast and catchy and just all around great. Though as great as that song is it isn’t the real treat of this single. The gem of Volume 56 is the second song ‘Car Crash’ it might be the slowest Creeps song I’ve heard, but it’s also in the top five or so of the best of em. From the opening lines “I wanna die in a car crash. I wanna feel my face hit glass” I immediately love this fucking song. I actually listened to this a few times in a row the first time I heard it before moving onto something that wasn’t this song. If you’re a fan of the Creeps this is a must have, if you haven’t really heard them this is a great combo of two songs that shows what these guys are capable of.

1. Creeping Me Out
2. Car Crash

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