Baseball, Clint Eastwood, and Amy Adams, what’s not to love about this movie? Well there are some things but not a lot. Besides Eastwood and Amy Adams there are a lot of other faces you’ll recognize in here including Justin Timberlake, Robert Patrick and John Goodman. Behind the scene’s there’s some first timers, Randy Brown wrote it and it’s the first movie he’s written and making his directorial debut is Robert Lorenz, though it appears he’s been Eastwood’s assistant director for a long time. The movie itself isn’t exactly a baseball movie, though there is baseball throughout the entire thing. Gus (Clint Eastwood) is a baseball talent scout, he’s getting old and his eyes are failing. Mickey (Amy Adams) is his lawyer daughter who decides to come on him to a scouting trip after some convincing by Pete (John Goodman) Gus’s good friend and boss. Mickey is kind of a bitch during the first part of the movie, though I guess she’s a lawyer so that fits. The first part of the movie is also kind of depressing because it’s pretty much just about Gus being old. If you can get past that there’s a pretty entertaining scouting trip. Mickey helps Gus out since he can’t see well and they attempt to fix their father daughter relationship. Meanwhile some guys from back at the Team are trying to undercut Gus and thrown in for the ladies Justin Timberlake is thrown in as Johnny a former prospect turned scout hoping to be an announcer and possible love interest of Mickey. The biggest flaw in this movie (besides the ear stabbing of the collage kid’s aluminum bats) is its greatest strength; it sits somewhere between drama (the whole Eastwood/Adams/ageing baseball scout thing) and almost wanting to be a romantic comedy (Adams/Timberlake). If I’d been told this going in I’d have assumed this was destined to be a train wreck but it oddly works really well. I don’t know if I’d say check this out if you like baseball movies but if you’re in love with Amy Adams and baseball and like Clint Eastwood it’s a good couple of hours to spend.

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