Canada’s greatest living pop punk is back with a new album, this time they didn’t get some fancy label to release it for them, they just did it themselves. It’s called Rock You To Sleep and it’s really fucking great. They’ve got all the goofy and great songs you’d expect from the Hextalls on here with tons of Kenny Rogers and hockey references. Thirteen songs that will make you have a good time weather you like it or not. This isn’t the best Hextalls album, but I’ll say it sits solidly at the number two rank; these guys just get it right every time. If you’re a Hextalls fan I assume you already own this, if you’re just a pop punk fan you need to own this.

1. Welcome to the Record II: Electric Boogaloo
2. My Name is Kenny Rogers
3. Justine
4. I Just Want to Sleep In The Treehouse
5. Grant Lawrence, King of the Forest
6. I Don’t Want to Play Tiger Woods Without You
7. Dirty Kelly Gruber
8. I Don’t Want to Go Down to the Baement, Either
9. I Bred This Beard For Slaughter
10. Live Free and Die Hard
11. I’m a Hulkamaniac!
12. Pebbles The Happiest Chihuahua
13. Holy Fuck, I’m a Dad!

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