Mixtapes have a new album out on No Sleep Records, it’s the bands first or second depending if you count Maps or not. It’s pretty damn great, one of the best of the year for sure. I’ve listened to this thing a ton of times and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Not only did Mixtapes make an album instead of another EP, but they made a massive one. Coming in with sixteen songs and no filler in sight, it’s a great accomplishment. This is one of the best albums out this year, do yourself a favor and make sure you pick it up; it’s all the pop punk goodness you could want.

‘Seven Mile’ starts off and ends pretty quickly; it’s under a minute long but sets a good tone for the album. Upbeat sounding but not quite that if you listen to the lyrics, and hella poppy.
‘Something Better’ is a song that I’d say follows the Mixtapes format to a T, if you believe the band has a format. Slow and soothing mixed with fast and poppy.
‘Hey Ma PT. 2′ they rev up the speed here and you can’t help but sing along to this one, even if you don’t want to it just happens.
‘Even on the Worst Nights’ If you happened to have read the review I did on Mixtapes ‘Somewhere In Trinsic’ 7″ then you already know my love for this song. If not I’ll simply say this is one of the best Mixtapes songs ever recorded. Normally when I listen to this album now I’ll skip right to this song, listen to it, then start the album from the beginning (if I don’t listen to the song a second time before doing that). It’s no ‘Hope Is for People’, but its damn close.
‘You Must Not Be From Around Here’ another song that greatly mixes the speed and mellow parts that Mixtapes do so well. It actually sounds like a bit of skate punk is thrown in there just for fun.
‘You & I’ starts out acoustically, kind of which it had stayed that way because I really dig though songs. But as soon as the song ramps up you don’t miss the acoustics at all. It’s a fast one though so enjoy it while you can; the next song is coming up fast.
‘I’m Wearing the Device (Bridge, Water)’ Much like ‘Hey Ma PT. 2′ you’re not going to be able to restrain yourself from singing along to this song. It’s mostly a Maura song but there’s a great mix of the two vocals through a good chunk of it too.
‘I’ll Give You A Hint, Yes’ This might be the down spot of the album, but the down point on a Mixtapes album is better than some of the high points on other albums. This song just doesn’t really suck me in like most of the other ones but it’s still a real good song.
‘Russian House DJ’ I don’t care for the title of this song, but I’ll let that slide because the song is pretty damn good. It sounds like the band was listening to a lot of Weezer and Wheatus when they wrote this one because you can hear the influence for sure.
‘Anyways’ I consider this song another one of the elite off of this album, top three easily. Just from the start you know you’re going to be singing in no time, it’s so catchy it should be illegal. And as an added bonus there are some guest vocals from Grath of House Boat, the Steinways and a bunch of other great pop punk bands.
‘Indian Summer’ My only problem with this song is that I’d have put it earlier on the album, it’s got a little slower feel (but not slow by any means) that seems out of sequence so late. Still a good tune though.
‘One for the Ozarks’ This album is full of sing along songs and this one is no exception. It starts out full throttle speed then slams on the breaks for a minute and there are some catchy lyrics to accompany it.
‘Just When You Thought It Was Over’ This is one of the hits off of the album for sure, if I was putting out a single for this album this may be the song I’d choose.
‘Golden Sometimes’ The acoustic comes out again for this song, luckily this time it stays through the whole song. This sounds like some of my favorite Mixtapes songs, because I’m a sucker for this stuff. Lyrics are great; flow of the song is nice, this just rules all around.
‘Basement Manners’ features mostly Maura again which I’m happy to hear. Of the two Ryan seems to get more vocals across of the two of them but I like songs sung by both equally so I’m glad this happened.
‘Mt. Hope’ is a perfect ending song to this album. I could listen to this song hundreds of times, it’s kind of builds anticipation waiting for it to come up at the end. Great bookend to a great album.

1. Seven Mile
2. Something Better
3. Hey Ma PT. 2
4. Even on the Worst Nights
5. You Must Not Be From Around Here
6. You & I
7. I’m Wearing the Device (Bridge, Water)
8. I’ll Give You A Hint, Yes
9. Russian House DJ
10. Anyways
11. Indian Summer
12. One for the Ozarks
13. Just When You Thought It Was Over
14. Golden Sometimes
15. Basement Manners
16. Mt. Hope

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