After a string of hit or miss singles Gentleman Jesse is back with his second album, and this one is a good one. Power pop heads get excited because this album is on par with the greatness of his first one. There are some fast ones on here, there’s some slow ones, and there’s a lot of really catchy ones that you’ll be singing in no time. This album will not only be a great spin for the power pop fans that normally follow Jesse but I think this will also pick up some old rock n roll enthusiasts because there’s a lot more of that 60’s rock influence than we’ve heard on previous releases. Anyone that’s into power pop or 60’s rock then this album is for you, don’t miss out.

1. Eat Me Alive
2. I’m Only Lonely
3. Take It Easy On Me
4. What Did I Do
5. You Give Me Shivers
6. Careful What You Wish For
7. Kind Of Uptight
8. Frostbite
9. I’m A Mess
10. Word Gets Around
11. Covered Up My Tracks
12. Rooting For The Underdog
13. We Got To Get Out Of Here

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