Here from I Hate Punk Rock Records is a split from two great bands, the pop punk veterans that don’t get the credit they deserve the Jetty Boys and a relatively new band Boys Club. The first Jetty Boys song is fast, like faster than most of their stuff normally is. Sounds like they were listening to a lot of Queers and old Screeching Weasel for this one. Jetty Boys second song is a long one (over four minutes) but sounds a lot more like the Jetty Boys. Both these songs are great! Boys Club first song is a slow and awesome song, it seems like the Beach Boys meets Weezer. Their second song is a Warren Zevon cover; it’s a pretty good one too. Not the best cover I’ve ever heard but its pretty quality, though I’d really have preferred another new song over this. Overall this is a really good split by two great bands, if you like pop punk and power pop/rock you’ll want to check this one out.

Jetty Boys
1. No Good
2. 12 Steps

Boys Club
3. Half-Hallowed Heart
4. Excitable Boy

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