In Taken Liam Neeson kicked ass through a foreign country to rescue his daughter and we all loved watching him do it. Taken 2 up’s the stakes as the father of one of the men he killed in the first movie is out for revenge. Bryan (Liam Neeson) has a security job in Istanbul, Bryan’s ex wife is now divorced from the man she was married in the first movie and through that her and the daughter are left stranded at home instead of going on a vacation to China. Bryan being the man he is invites them to Istanbul after his job is done; from there the men take their revenge. A failed kidnapping on his daughter doesn’t deter the men much as they successfully get Bryan and his ex-wife. There’s not quite as much ass-kicking per minute in this movie as there was in the first one but there is still plenty to go around. Much like the first one there isn’t much to complain about in here. There’s a little more of a build up to the action than the first one which may account for the lack of some of the ass-kicking. Though besides that my only real complaint is nit-picking stuff like his daughter who can’t pass her driving test all the sudden becomes an expert driver during a street chase. If you liked the first Taken movie I’m assuming I don’t have to tell you to go see this one, rest assured though, it’s worth checking out.

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