New Parasites album! Kind of. The (incorrectly if you ask me) titled ‘Non-Stop Power Pop volume 1 is a new Parasites album, but there’s no new material here. Some will call it a concept album, most will call it a cover album, and really I guess it’s both. As Dave Parasite says on the inside he looked for mid-sixties songs that sounded like early Beatles that people may not have heard before. I call it incorrectly titled because I don’t consider these power pop songs but that’s really a non-issue. These fourteen songs are great; they were greatly selected by the band to cover. As said inside they searched through tons of songs to find the right ones to cover, finding a good combination of obscure and good songs that deserve to be placed on this thing. Most of these bands are not American, it even notes that some of the lyrics had to be slightly changed to make sense; all of this is pretty great. And talk about putting your own spin on songs that you cover, most of these just sound like straight up Parasites songs instead of covers, and I knew a handful of them going in. Another thing that I really like here is the booklet has a list of every song covered, and a little about the band and the song complete with a picture of the album or single that it came from, it’s really a pretty neat package. If you like the Parasites, you’ll want this, don’t worry that it’s a cover album because it really matter, if you’re a fan of the early sixties music, you might want to give this a spin to see how one of the best pop punk bands do their take on these great songs.

1. What Kind Of Love (The Hollies)
2. Why I Get This Feeling (The Firebeats)
3. Find The Words To Tell You (The Mascots)
4. I’m A Feel (The Sandy Coast)
5. Please Come Back (Los Brincos)
6. You Make Me Feel Good (The Zombies)
7. Heading For Trouble (Thor’s Hammer) (song originally called ‘If You Knew’)
8. Do You Know (The Lollipops)
9. Things Will Never Be The Same (Just Four Men)
10. Don’t Want Your Love (The Great Scots)
11. Never Die (The Haigs)
12. You Can’t Stop Me Loving You (The Gonks)
13. I Hate Saying These Words (The Golden Earrings)
14. Still Hoping You Might Come Back Home (The Magic Herbs)

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