Six years ago I heard they were remaking the Omen and I wanted no part of it. Besides the fact that I’m generally against remakes I knew there was no way to improve on The Omen, it’s one of the greatest and creepiest horror movies ever made. Now they’re remaking it and I feared lame scare tactics and CGI. I wasn’t too far from my prediction. The movie has Julia Stiles, most people like her, I’m pretty indifferent but in here she wasn’t all that great. John Moore directed this hunk of junk; he’s done films such as Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Phoenix, and Max Payne. The perfect guy to direct an iconic horror movie right? There are two glairing problems in this movie. The first one you notice right from the first frame, it’s the soundtrack. The Omen has a terrifying unsettling soundtrack and this remake has a really bland one. Because of this alone the opening title sequence is scarier than the entire remake. The second problem is the kid they have playing Damien. In the original the kid was creepy and chilled my bones, the remake he just looks like some jerk kid. If you can somehow overlook these two things (I’m not sure how you could) there are also other problems. The movie overall is really damn boring and the killings are watered down versions of the originals. The hanging scene was pretty close but so close it was almost a shot for shot rip-off. The priest’s death got turned from ‘holy shit’ to laughable. The photographer’s death is still kind of cool in this movie (probably the highlight of the film) but it won’t hold a candle to the original with is one of my favorite death scenes in all of film. The way they kill off the mother in the remake is so amazingly lame I don’t even want to talk about it. Basically if you think you want to check this out just watch the one true Omen, the 1976 film and let’s all just pretend this one didn’t happen.

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