Written by Jonathan Mills, art by Alberto Muriel, published in 2011 by Kickstart Comics, Heavy Water GN is something like Terminator meets World War II. The book starts out in the future, one where the Nazis won World War II, as you may imagine things aren’t so great. Everything is policed by the Nazi government, it seems you have no rights; the old people are carted off and disposed of. One man stumbles upon a resistance group by way of his girlfriend, they have taken years to build a time machine, and with the help of an old diary that belonged to one of his ancestors they can pinpoint when to go back in time and change history. The book has a good mix of future and past; I’d say its split up where about half of it takes place in both. In total it’s about ninety six pages which seem to be just right. Not every time travel movie gets it right but I always like things that try and I think this comic pulls it off really well. People that like war stories and time travel will enjoy this one.

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