Be My Doppelganger is doing an online single series, a lot of them range in quality but here is, in my opinion, their best one so far. We’ve got two great songs, the first one ‘You’re Always Right’ is one of the best Be My Doppelganger songs I’ve heard, it’s no ‘Turning Seventeen’ but it’s up there for sure, and it does kind of have that same vibe. The second song ‘Downtown’ is a slower song, kind of has a Get Up Kids feel going on. It’s a great song though and show’s Be My Doppelganger has more than just the party song speed. Check out these singles that Be My Doppelganger has been putting on their bandcamp and make sure if nothing else you don’t miss this one!

1. You’re Always Right
2. Downtown

Get it from Be My Doppelganger HERE

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