Do you miss the days of 90’s punk rock music? I know I do sometimes, but it’s good to know that some bands are still pulling it off more years than I care to count later. Tantive-IV is a band that knows that kind of music and is still glad to be doing it. Aw, Shit!! takes elements of skate punk with a lot of Bad Religion and mixes it for twelve great songs that you can sit back and listen to putting you on a fake nostalgia trip. The one pothole in this album is ‘The Bum’ it’s a little too ska for my taste but everything else is spot on. If you’re a fan of skate and Bad Religion you should check this one out.

1. The Best at Being Worst
2. Spread The Disease
3. Little Black Book
4. Pwnage, n00b!
5. 5 MPH In A 70 Mile Lane
6. The Bum
7. Real TV
8. You’re The Inspiration
9. Monster
10. Step Outta Line
11. Plastic Revolution
12. Freshman

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