Weekly Label Profile: John Wilkes Booth Records

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Name: John Wilkes Booth Records
Lifespan: 2009-Current
Web Site: http://johnwilkesboothrecords.com/
Notable Releases/Bands: Billy Raygun, What Happened?, Blockhead, Rational Anthem, Georgian
Pretty new to the world, the John Wilkes Booth Records has less than ten releases under their belt, but that doesn’t mean they’re to be overlooked. Even with so few releases they’ve already got a better track record than a lot of other labels out there, everything they’ve put out so far is pretty great. If you haven’t been paying attention to them in the past, now’s the time to start before you miss out.

Weekly Label Profile: Frontier Records

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Name: Frontier Records
Lifespan: 1980 – Current
Web Site: http://frontierrecords.com/
Notable Releases/Bands: Adolescents, Weirdos, Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies
Founded in 1980 by Lisa Fancher Frontier Records was one of the first independent labels on the punk rock scene in Los Angeles. Their first big hit was Group Sex by the Circle Jerks from there they continued their success of great releases with bands like the Adolescents, TSOL, China White and Suicidal Tendencies. In the mid 80’s they branched out from punk records into different styles. Today they’re still around doing releases putting out some classic stuff.

Weekly Label Profile: Salinas Records

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Name: Salinas Records
Lifespan: 2003-Curent
Web Site: http://www.salinasrecords.com
Notable Releases/Bands: Thousandaires, Delay, The Measure [sa], Unwelcome Guests, Potboiler, The Ergs!, One Reason, North Lincoln
Salinas Records is a punk record label that’s been around for a little while. When I say punk label I don’t mean you can buy the newest Casualties album from them, but instead you’ll find something much better. They go more the indie/pop punk route of things, just over twenty five releases and most of them are pretty damn quality. They do a fair amount of splits along with EP’s as well as some full lengths, one way or another you’ll get your money’s worth out of them. If you’ve got a record in your hand you haven’t heard before and see the Salinas name on it, there’s a fair chance that you’re getting something good out of it.

Weekly Label Profile: New Red Archives

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Name: New Red Archives
Lifespan: 1987-Current
Web Site: http://www.newredarchives.com/
Notable Releases/Bands: No Use for a Name, Reagan Youth, Samiam, Ultraman, UK Subs
Started in San Francisco they were an outlet for punk bands to have stuff on sweet colored vinyl. Today they’re still going strong but mostly in the form of CD releases, this doesn’t mean they’ve backed off and died, they’re still alive and kicking. They’ve released some legendary punk bands and some that are underrated as fuck that should be legendary. While they have put out some stuff that isn’t the greatest, their Samiam releases alone will keep them forever on my good side.

Weekly Label Profile: Don Giovanni Records

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Name: Don Giovanni Records
Lifespan: 2003-Current
Web Site: http://www.dongiovannirecords.com/
Notable Releases/Bands: Full of Fancy, The Measure [sa], Pregnant, Dustheads, The Ergs!, For Science, The Steinways
Don Giovanni Records has been around about eight years, in that time they’ve pumped out almost forty releases. Some people might not think that sounds like a lot but when you look at the products they’ve brought forth to the world you can tell it’s very much a case of quality over quaintly. And while everything they put out might not be the greatest they’ve released some of my favorite pop punk albums of all time. They’ve branched from that pop punk bubble to some harder straight punk and rock titles but I think they’re best stuff has always been their pop releases. Full of Fancy’s latest album marked their latest and 36th release, another top notch notch in their belt. Hopefully we see a continued line of great things from Don Giovanni, because when I hear they’ve got something new coming out I always take note, and you should too.

Weekly Label Profile: No Breaks Records

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Name: No Breaks Records
Lifespan: 2008-Current
Web Site: http://www.nobreaksrecords.com
Notable Releases/Bands: Full of Fancy, Jizz Kids, Los Di Maggios, New Creases, Prozacs, Sass Dragons, Teenage Gluesniffers, Jonesin’
No Breaks may not be the biggest label around but they’re one of the best places to get some great pop punk bands. They’ve put out great stuff like Full of Fancy, New Creases, Prozacs and Teenage Gluesniffers. It’s a pretty good lineup without all sounding the same, plus if you’ve already got their stuff the No Breaks Records site has one of the coolest distros around. Search through it, I dare you not to find something you’ve been looking for, they will have it. Plus it’s ran by a pretty rad dude, get out there and support No Breaks!

Weekly Label Profile: ¡Muy Auténtico Records

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Name: ¡Muy Auténtico Records
Lifespan: 2008-Current
Web Site: www.muyautentico.com
Notable Releases/Bands: Shang-A-Lang, Turkish Techno, Jonesin’, Dude Jams, Rumspringer, Pretty Boy Thorson, The Anchor
While they might not have the most releases (only eight to date), ¡Muy Auténtico Records is one of those labels that consistently puts out great material. Another thing they seem to be good at is maximizing the music with each release. Five of their eight releases have been splits, which means you get two bands for every one record, that’s not too shabby. Their first release was the Shang-A-Lang/Turkish Techno split in 2008, since then they’ve kept up that standard of quality. I personally own every release and at this point they’ve proved themselves enough where I can just buy a record even if I don’t know what I’m buying, much as I did with the Summer Vacation/Joyce Manor split. In 2011 they’re planning they’re first album release (co-released with Dirt Cult and Wolfdog Records) with the Turkish Techno LP, one which I’m sure will be one of the best albums of the year. If you’ve got a record and it says ¡Muy Auténtico, I guarantee it’s a god one.

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