REVIEW: Not Yet!: It’s A Small World, Alcohol

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CoverThis is Not Yet!’s first release, and it’s a pretty damn impressive one. You get pop punk in the vein of Rational Anthem, Dear Landlord and Off With Their Heads. The only bad thing I can say about this is its only four songs, way less than I want. Every one of these songs are great, they’re written well and played just as good. The man behind the band Jose, is a pretty great dude and I think it really comes through listening to these songs. I’d already rank Not Yet! up pretty high on the list of currently running pop punk bands, and as you may know that’s a tough list to get highly ranked on. You can get the CD from SP Records and if you’re a sick fuck that likes tapes John Wilkes Booth Records has them too. If you like pop punk such as the above mentioned bands then don’t sleep on Not Yet!

1. East Bay Breeze
2. Pointless
3. Cincinnati Agony
4. Westbound Sign

Get it from Not Yet! HERE

REVIEW: Spider-Man & Batman: Disordered Minds

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Spider-Man_and_Batman_Vol_1_1This is a pretty rad crossover and the first Spider-Man & Batman crossover, it’s about fifty pages and not only has Batman and Spider-Man but you get two of the most insane villains too, the Joker and Carnage! Carnage and Joker make a great insane combo, they both get captured in the beginning and have chips implanted in their brains to make them docile. Carnage quickly is able to short out this chip, him and the Joker team up. However this team doesn’t last very long, soon it breaks out into a fight in Gotham. This is a pretty great crossover, overall better than most. The only semi complaint I have about it is my love/hate relationship with the art. It looks amazing on the heroes and villains but for people out of costume it just has that weird 90’s look. Anyway, that’s trivial at best. If you like Spider-Man or Batman pick up Disordered Minds and give it a read.

Get Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Defendor

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DefendorEver wanted to see Woody Harrelson play a mentally unstable man that’s also a superhero? Well Defendor is the movie for you. Arthur Poppington is a vigilante style superhero, much like Batman, but without the smarts, or the money. He’s on a search to find Captain Industry and put a stop to him. Along the way he makes an arch nemesis out of a dirty undercover cop and picks up a crack head sidekick (Kat Dennings). After stopping some crimes and being not only beaten up but shot he’s finally arrested. The movie kind of jumps back and forth most of the time as he’s telling the story to a psychiatrist. Peter Stebbings wrote and directed this, he doesn’t have much experience as a writer or director but after seeing this I’ll say he’s definitely on the right track. I enjoyed the hell out of this and highly recommend it to anyone that likes dark comedies or superhero movies.

Get Defendor from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: The Wrestling Road Diaries

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wrestling_diariesEver wonder what it’s like to be a wrestler on the road? Well now you can find out. Take two hours and forty minutes with Colt Cabana (formally WWE’s Scotty Goldman), Sal Rinauro & Bryan Danielson (now WWE’s Daniel Bryan) as they travel on the road for ten days hitting nine events. You get to see how the guys travel, what they do for overnight stay, how they spend their off day and hear tons of great wrestling stories. This is also the time right when Danielson signed to the WWE so you get to hear what he’s going through to get that done and kind of see his farewell tour as he does his final ROH and other independent wrestling dates. You also get to see the guys at some wrestling training seminars. I’ve seen a good deal of wrestling documentaries in my time and this is among the best, and certainly the most unique of them all. The two plus hours really just flies by and this thing is over before you know it. Though as a bonus (one I HIGHLY recommend you get) there’s a two disc version with a wrestling round table featuring Colt Cabana and over an hour of deleted scenes. Seriously spend the extra few bucks for the bonus disc; it’s worth it for the park calls as Van Hammer alone. This is a must see for any wrestling fan, and I know I’ll be buying the second one (which I hear they’re working on) as soon as it comes out. You can get it at or right now!

REVIEW: V/A: Sea Creatures No. 1

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sea_creaturesThis is the first compilation/four band split 7″ in a series from Merman Records. If the first volume is a good indication this should be a great series, however this did come out a while ago and I haven’t seen a second one, hopefully we get one soon. We’ve got bands from all over here New Brunswick and Toronto are represented on Side A, LA and the Windy City on the B. Before we even start on the music that’s in this thing you’re going to notice the cover, it’s pretty great artwork done by I fucking love the cover art for this. Two of these bands I’m real familiar with, the other two, not so much. The first one is one I know well, Fear of Lipstick they’ve got a fast catchy song pop punk that I think is the best one on this thing. The Roman Line is a band I hadn’t listened to too much of, this song is really good though. It reminds me of the Slow Death a little bit. Regal Beagle is the other band on here I know well, very Queers/Ramones type surf pop punk stuff. This song is no exception; it’s a surf pop party song, a lot of fun and pretty great. And closing out is The Neutron Bombs, a band that I don’t think I’d ever even heard before. They sound like a band that’s been around way longer than they have, like someone that should be touring with The Damned. The song they have on here is pretty decent, it’s my least favorite on this thing but it’s still really good. So through and through you’ve got four really great songs for one small price with a great package, you really can’t go wrong with this thing.




Side A

  1. Fear of Lipstick – Did Ya Know?
  2. The Roman Line – Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease


Side B

  1. Regal Beagle – Party Again
  2. The Neutron Bombs – Not Listening

Get it from Merman Records HERE

REVIEW: Archie Meets the Punisher

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Punisher Archie1994 gave birth to one of the strangest crossovers that comics has seen…Archie Meets the Punisher. Red is a drug dealer on the run, he goes to Riverdale to hide out, this turns out to be great for Red but bad for Archie because they look almost identical. The Punisher is tracking Red and of course mistakes Archie for him. Eventually Punisher realizes they’re not the same person and everything gets put on the right track. I wouldn’t say this is required reading for either Archie or Punisher fans since it really isn’t that good of a book. But if you’re just looking for something strange to read this might satisfy you.

REVIEW: Roscoe the Dawg, Ace Detective!

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renegade-press-roscoe-the-dawg-ace-detective-issue-1In 1987 Renegade Press introduced the world to Roscoe the Dawg, Ace Detective! It was a great concept but only lasted four issues, and I’m not totally sure but I don’t believe it was made that way. Basically this is a noir detective type character with some comedy slipped in, however the detective as you may have guessed is a dog. The four issues aren’t quite linear but there are a few things that spill over from issue to issue. Over all Roscoe is on the type of cases and getting into the type of trouble that you’d expect any hardboiled detective to be involved with. I’m a big fan of the noir hardboiled detective stuff, and dogs, so I had to check this out. The comic is enjoyable but I was a little disappointed. It’s fun but far from great. If you’re looking for a short fun series to just waste some time with then this will fit the bill but if you’re seeking some diamond in the rough of comics long gone then you’ll probably still be looking after you read this one.

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