REVIEW: Batman The Spirit

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batman-the-spirit-1_cover-artFrom 2007 DC comics published what is now one of my favorite crossovers ever. Two great comic icons in one great book. One thing I really like about this is it shows the similarities between Batman and the Spirit. There’s Gotham City and Central City, Commissioner Gordon and commissioner Dolan and so on. The story starts out with Gordon in Central city, it seems Jim and Dolan are old friends and they’re telling the tale of how the Spirit met Batman. Dolan and Gordon are headed out to a the Policeman’s Benevolent Association’s Annual Law-Enforcement Convention, on their way Dolan is intercepted by Poison Ivy and put under her spell, while Gordon is seduced by P’Gell. At the same time the criminals from both cities are having their own get together, soon Batman and the Spirit’s villains start working together. That’s alright though because it doesn’t take long for Batman and the Spirit to team up, though I do like that the Spirit doesn’t believe that Batman is real. They work well as a team, as you may have guessed and save the day. This book is really incredible, it’s must read stuff for Batman and Spirit fans. I guess I wasn’t the only one that liked it too because it pulled in the 2007 Eisner Award for Best Single Issue, Dave Stewart won the Eisner for Best Coloring and Darwyn Cooke won the 2007 Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Artist. So yeah, it’s pretty good I guess.

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REVIEW: Avengers X-Sanction

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Avengers X-SanctionCable returns for the first time since his recent death in this four part series. He’s trying to save Hope, says he only has twenty four hours to do it before the Techno-organic virus finally takes over and kills him, and he’s here to stop the Avengers. Apparently in the future Hope has died and the Avengers are to blame so Cable takes it upon himself to go to the past and take out the Avengers. He takes them down systematically using weapons and technology from the future. These fights are great, most of them are pretty short but they’re really entertaining, which I think is really difficult to do in this age of comics. This is going to be the setup to some Avengers vs x-Men storyline, and I think it did a pretty good job at that. There are some surprises at the end of the last issue which I won’t spoil because this is still pretty new but I was actually kind of wowed at them. I think four issues was way too short for this; I’d have liked it better if it was like six issues. I was eating these books up faster than they could put them out. Anyone that likes Cable this is a must read because it’s basically four comics of Cable kicking a lot of ass.

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REVIEW: Earth (The Book): A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race

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books_earthEarth (The Book) is much like America (The Book), written by Jon Stewart and the writers of the Daily show it provides an overview of Earth and how it worked. I say worked because it is written as a message to the aliens that will visit Earth after mankind has become extinct. It goes through a brief history of the planet earth and the human race. It explains concepts of human emotions and hobbies and point out places the aliens should visit and explains some of the artifacts they may find. I liked this book almost as much as I liked America (The Book) though not quite as much, my favorite parts of this were the FAQ (Future Alien Questions). If you like the Daily Show, you’ll probably be into this.

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REVIEW: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future. . .

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futureOriginally I picked this up thinking it was a Michael J. Fox biography then shortly into the book it seemed like it was going to be some sort of book about education, it turns out it’s kind of both. Fox never finished high school but here he equates his life experiences to the education he would have gotten in school. He notes how important both a school education and real life experiences are both important and how both have (or would have) benefited him through various stages of his life. The book is pretty short, only just over a hundred pages but is highly entertaining and full of great information. Anyone that’s a fan of Michael J. Fox will enjoy this, and even if you aren’t I still think it’s a great read in general.

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REVIEW: The House on the Borderland

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House_on_the_BorderlandThe House on the Borderland was my first experience with William Hope Hodgson but I can say for sure it will not be my last. The book is from 1908 and still holds up today. The language isn’t too dated so you won’t be stumbling through it and the story comes in at around three hundred pages. This story reminds me a lot of something that H.P. Lovecraft might write; it has unexplained non-human creatures, completely strange occurrences and tons of suspense horror. Two men discover a book written by a man who apparently lived at a house that stood on the ruins of where they are exploring. The book contains a fantastic story about the man that lived in the house; he lived there with his dog and sister. One night these strange lights appear from nowhere without explanation, the next day he goes exploring to attempt to explain what had just happened, there he finds a cave where swine creatures live. After the discovery of these creatures it starts a battle that lasts a couple days between the humans and swine creatures. This is the best part of the book and after everything is over you think that would be a good point to end one, but no it keeps going and gets real strange from there. There are some extreme fast forwards in time and many things that cannot be explained. I’d highly recommend this book to people that like sci-fi horror stories and authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.

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