REVIEW: It’s In The Book

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its-in-the-book-300It’s In The Book is another one of the Mickey Spillane stories that Max Allan Collins finished. This one is just a short story. One book, featuring one short story, its only sixty six pages but it’s pretty good. The Mysterious Bookshop publishes these as bibliomystery, they’re small books featuring a short story and you can only get them from the shop (or at their online store). In this story Mike Hammer is hired by the local police (backed by someone of higher political power) to find a book, a leger of crime boss Don Giraldi. After he passed away it was rumored that he sent the book to the person he trusts most. In the book is a list of every deal he made during his criminal career. Now the cops, politicians and members of other crime families are after this thing. As far as Mike Hammer goes the body count in this one is pretty low but the story (though short) is still really good. Any Mike Hammer fan should have this small book in their collection.

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REVIEW: Kiss Her Goodbye

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Kiss Her GoodbyeI’ve been a big fan of Mike Hammer through most media over the years (Movies, TV, Comics) though for whatever reason I’d never read a Mike Hammer book, until now. After Mickey Spillane’s death his unfinished work was left to Max Allan Collins and Max decided to finish some of the works. Max was a great choice for this; he’s a great detective writer. So Kiss Her Goodbye was basically co-written by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins. After a big shootout in New York a year ago Mike Hammer went off to Florida to recover and maybe retire, but after he hears of the death of his mentor Bill Doolan he returns to New York. Everyone says Doolan’s death was a suicide but Mike suspects differently. An aging and still hurting Mike Hammer hits the streets to see what he can dig up. As he does the bodies start to pile up and he stumbles upon a pretty big deal of a case. The book is filled with sex and violence and some amazing detective stuff in here. I was completely blown away by how good this book was, it left me in awe. This is by far one of the best detective books I’ve ever read, I’m going to start on the rest of the Mike Hammer books as soon as possible.

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REVIEW: Armed to the Teeth With Lipstick

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Blag Dahlia from punk rock band the Dwarves teams up with illustrator Marc Rude to bring us ‘Armed to the Teeth With Lipstick’. While not the longest book in the world, only 130 pages, it does not sell you short on fun or weirdness. Basically think of this as an old school detective story, set on Mars. Filled with enough drugs, sex and violence to make you think about signing up for rehab after you’re done reading. The only thing that may be more sick and twisted than the words that Blag has stained the pages with is the illustrations by Marc Rude, the pictures are great and disturbing at the same time. They kind of remind me of the Naked Lunch when I’m looking at them. If you’re a fan of detective stories, weirdness or just flat-out twisted stuff you should check this one out, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

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REVIEW: King Dork

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The Mr. T Experience is one of my favorite bands, Dr. Frank is one of my favorite song writers, so when I heard he (aka Frank Portman) was writing a book I couldn’t wait for it to come out. I expected it to more or less be a novel version of an MTX song, this is almost exactly what I got. This is one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. Tom Henderson is you’re typical high school kid (at least if typical to you is the kid just trying to get by and seems to be failing at everything, and being the outcast while everyone else seems to be popular). Him and his best friend Sam Hellerman spend their time talking about girls, making up bands that will never exist and wondering why everyone seems to be in the ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ cult. Oddly enough with this book he stumbles on a secret code that was in his late father’s copy of the book. Now he sets out to discover the mystery of his dad, still while trying to balance school, girls, and a mom and wanna be pal of a step father. If you like the band Mr. T Experience, you should be right at home with this book, even if not, if you were the kid that didn’t quite fit in in school and couldn’t score to save his life, it’ll be like reading you’re memoirs. 368 pages makes up “King Dork” (also the title of an MTX song), this also makes for a good launch pad to get into Frank’s next book “Andromeda Klein”.

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REVIEW: The Gun Seller


I read this book a few years back, have tried a few times to find more books by this guy, never could. Then recently I did a check again and found out who the author actually was, Hugh Laurie, yes the same Hugh Laurie who stars as Dr. Gregory House, in the Fox show House. This came as a surprise because, well, who expects that. I’ll say I think he should stick to writing, or at least write more because I greatly enjoyed this book. Its someone what of a spy novel, but not quite, almost a spoof of one. It’s like James Bond with out the confidence or the ability to always be right. Like the guy you call if you can’t afford James Bond’s expensive drinking habit and gadgets. If you like fun spy movies and books you might want to look into this one, be warned though, pay attention, it has some twists along the way. 368 pages, Hugh needs to stop playing doctor.

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