REVIEW: The House on the Borderland

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House_on_the_BorderlandThe House on the Borderland was my first experience with William Hope Hodgson but I can say for sure it will not be my last. The book is from 1908 and still holds up today. The language isn’t too dated so you won’t be stumbling through it and the story comes in at around three hundred pages. This story reminds me a lot of something that H.P. Lovecraft might write; it has unexplained non-human creatures, completely strange occurrences and tons of suspense horror. Two men discover a book written by a man who apparently lived at a house that stood on the ruins of where they are exploring. The book contains a fantastic story about the man that lived in the house; he lived there with his dog and sister. One night these strange lights appear from nowhere without explanation, the next day he goes exploring to attempt to explain what had just happened, there he finds a cave where swine creatures live. After the discovery of these creatures it starts a battle that lasts a couple days between the humans and swine creatures. This is the best part of the book and after everything is over you think that would be a good point to end one, but no it keeps going and gets real strange from there. There are some extreme fast forwards in time and many things that cannot be explained. I’d highly recommend this book to people that like sci-fi horror stories and authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.

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REVIEW: It’s In The Book

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its-in-the-book-300It’s In The Book is another one of the Mickey Spillane stories that Max Allan Collins finished. This one is just a short story. One book, featuring one short story, its only sixty six pages but it’s pretty good. The Mysterious Bookshop publishes these as bibliomystery, they’re small books featuring a short story and you can only get them from the shop (or at their online store). In this story Mike Hammer is hired by the local police (backed by someone of higher political power) to find a book, a leger of crime boss Don Giraldi. After he passed away it was rumored that he sent the book to the person he trusts most. In the book is a list of every deal he made during his criminal career. Now the cops, politicians and members of other crime families are after this thing. As far as Mike Hammer goes the body count in this one is pretty low but the story (though short) is still really good. Any Mike Hammer fan should have this small book in their collection.

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REVIEW: World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

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World_War_Z_book_coverMax Books (The son of the great Mel Brooks) has written one of the best, maybe the best, zombie book ever written. It is a person by person account of a global zombie war. The book is told through interviews of various people all done after the war has ended, they all tell of a different period during the war and from a different part of the world. The zombie invasion spread differently in different parts of the world. These interviews take you through the initial appearances of the zombies, the denial the world had then the panic once everything set in. You learn how people tried to migrate to the extreme north to get away and finally when the world decided to fight back. This book is really great start to finish; the story that is told is one that seems to chronicle a real world war that had taken place. Even years later (when these interviews take place) you still hear how they have not completely recovered. If you’re a fan of zombies this is a must read book.

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REVIEW: Kiss Her Goodbye

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Kiss Her GoodbyeI’ve been a big fan of Mike Hammer through most media over the years (Movies, TV, Comics) though for whatever reason I’d never read a Mike Hammer book, until now. After Mickey Spillane’s death his unfinished work was left to Max Allan Collins and Max decided to finish some of the works. Max was a great choice for this; he’s a great detective writer. So Kiss Her Goodbye was basically co-written by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins. After a big shootout in New York a year ago Mike Hammer went off to Florida to recover and maybe retire, but after he hears of the death of his mentor Bill Doolan he returns to New York. Everyone says Doolan’s death was a suicide but Mike suspects differently. An aging and still hurting Mike Hammer hits the streets to see what he can dig up. As he does the bodies start to pile up and he stumbles upon a pretty big deal of a case. The book is filled with sex and violence and some amazing detective stuff in here. I was completely blown away by how good this book was, it left me in awe. This is by far one of the best detective books I’ve ever read, I’m going to start on the rest of the Mike Hammer books as soon as possible.

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REVIEW: The Rum Diary

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The_Rum_DiaryThe Rum Diary is an early novel by Hunter S. Thompson it was written for years but didn’t get published until 1998. It’s the story of a writer, Paul Kemp who moves to San Juan, Puerto Rico to work for a local newspaper. The book takes place in the 1950’s so you get a lot of the lax feeling of that era. Most of the book is Kemp hanging out with friends he makes at the news paper and drinking rum. He gets involved in some trouble a few times including a brawl with the police that lands him in jail and a crazy time at Carnival. Even though there’s really not a lot to the book it was still a great read. Somehow Thompson makes a guy getting drunk and hanging out in Puerto Rico a pretty compelling read. After reading this I really wanted to see the movie because it seems like it’d make a good one and be pretty hard to fuck up. I’ve heard no accounts of it being good and still have yet to see it so we’ll see how that goes. As for the book, if you like Hunter S. Thompson’s stuff you’ll most likely enjoy The Rum Diary.

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REVIEW: You Only Live Twice

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You Only Live Twice 05You Only Live Twice is the eleventh James Bond novel (and twelfth book) by Ian Fleming, it also happens to be the last novel by Ian Fleming to be published in his lifetime, more where published after his death. This one came out in 1964 and still stands out pretty well today. For those of you who haven’t read the James Bond books I’ll say that the book Bond is very different from the movie Bond, though it is not so much the case in this one. For whatever reason Fleming decided to make this James Bond a little more reminiscent of Sean Connery’s James Bond. Even still you’ve got the entire Ian Fleming stamp on this. In the books there is a villain that appears three times, Blofeld, his other appearances are in Thunderball, and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. This is the third and final appearance of Bolfeld. In this book Bond is slipping, he’s screwed up a couple missions and is drinking his days away, all this is apparently because of the murder of his wife at the hands of Bolfeld, and the marriage was short, just a day. Bond is sent on a diplomatic mission to Japan as sort of a last chance. Once in Japan he befriends the man he’s dealing with and they work out a trade. Japan’s secrets in exchange for James Bond going on an off the grid mission. In Japan a man has been building an island of death. The island is a place full of poison plants and deadly creatures, it has become a hot spot for suicides for the country and they want it stopped. James is sent on a secret mission to kill the man in charge of the island. Like about half of the Bond books I’ve read this one takes a while to get going, though this one is longer than normal, about half the book is buildup. But once the story gets going it’s off and running. The book isn’t amazingly long (two hundred and fifteen pages) but I polished it off pretty quickly. People who like James Bond or just general spy type stuff should enjoy this one, but don’t give up on it if the first couple chapters have you somewhat bored.

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After reading Nina you realize just how much of a fucked up vile human being Blag Dahlia is. However that is, of course, the reason we all love him. For those of you that do not know this is the same Blag Dahlia of the punk band the Dwarves, and if you think the Dwarves lyrics are too tame for you a little while back Blag started a venture into book writing. His first book, Armed to the Teeth With Lipstick, was more of a seedy sci-fi detective story, but Nina takes a totally different direction. Nina is the story of a teenage girl who has no remorse and makes no apologies for her actions. There’s plenty of sex in this book, but the drugs and rock n roll is lacking. Instead you get more sex, death, and a lot of cold-bloodedness. While I did like Blag’s first book better this one does have a fucked up charm to it. Only 110 pages and short chapters (which I’m a personal fan of) you should be able to breeze through it pretty quickly then take some time to let everything you just read sink in.

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