REVIEW: Dracula: Dead and Loving It

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There was a time when spoof were actually great. Before the invasion of trying too hard and way too topical ‘movie’ movies. Most of these classics had one of two things in common, Mel Brooks or Leslie Nielsen. Dracula Dead and Loving It actually has both! Anyone that knows a thing or two about comedy knows who Mel Brooks is, and most likely has at least three of his movies, this piece was the last movie that Mel Brooks directed, hopefully this will one day change because the man has yet to make a bad movie. It’s been many years; this one came out in 1995. The movie centers around the classic story of Dracula, in fact it actually sticks to it quite well for a comedy. It’s basically a retelling of the classic movie, with a Mel Brooks spin on things. Leslie Nielson is in as the main man, Count Dracula. There are great performances by Peter MacNicol as Renfield and Steven Weber as Jonathan Harker. And as usual the writer/director has to get in on the action, Mel Brooks is here taking up the roll of Van Helsing. If you’re a fan of the Dracula tale or one of GOOD spoof movies then if by some chance you haven’t seen this yet you’ve got to check it out.

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REVIEW: Knucklehead

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When, WHEN will I learn to stop watching WWE movies? Over and over I fall for the same tricks, most of the time I figure the stupid action movies or awful looking horror movies will just be bad fun, but they always turn out to be bad. This time around I actually had faith for a good movie. It was a comedy movie, which I’ve always thought they should go with and in the main role this time was the Big Show (Paul Wight), whom I thought was perfect because he’s a pretty entertaining and funny guy. I’m not sure where this movie fell short but it was pretty hard to watch. I guess you have to blame it on the script or the directing but I couldn’t say for sure. The one thing I was really impressed with was the cast here. You didn’t have billion dollar Hollywood super stars but you did have a lot of pretty good names in the credits. Besides your giant star you also had Melora Hardin, Will Patton, and Dennis Farina. But even with a quality cast like this it couldn’t save the movie. The most important thing about a comedy is that you laugh; unfortunately I don’t think I did that even once in this movie. From bland jokes that fall on their face to just really lame toilet humor there’s not much that’s redeemable about the film. The previews for this movie didn’t look too good but I still had to give it a chance. I know when the next one comes out I’ll fall for it again too. At least I can say I think this may have been the best of the WWE movies, but really that’s not saying a lot. This movie is about an orphanage that runs into money trouble (as you can tell already this is the most original story ever); the Big Show is working at the place, and is an orphan himself. Coming through town is a down on his luck gambler who’s looking for a fighter that might help him get out of debt, enter the big man. The two of them with the addition of a fine lady from the orphanage go cross country picking up fights and experience to get to the big tournament where they will inevitably win the money and save everyone making things a super sweet over happy ending. I was really hoping this would be a little more ‘Tommy Boy’ and a lot less, whatever the fuck that was. I assume because they WWE is going for its whole PG thing right now there were a lot of restrictions put on the jokes to make them more family friendly, and as we know, that’s never a good mix for comedy. At least I hope that was the reason this is more like a Full House episode than a comedy movie.

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REVIEW: Due Date

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Director Todd Phillips has brought us some pretty good stuff so far, The Hangover, School for Scoundrels, and Old School to name a few. Now he takes us on a journey that seems like we may have been on before, Due Date. The story of the odd couple pairing of straight laced serious guy Robert Downey Jr and wacky man Zach Galifianakis and their journey across the country. Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr) is trying to get home to his pregnant wife, a chance with screw up Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis) lands him on a no fly list so he is unable to simply hop on a plane to his wife. Further complications of losing his wallet leave him with the only choice of taking an impromptu road trip with our lovable obnoxious slob where wacky hijinks ensue. Granted Peter isn’t trying to get home for Thanksgiving, and there is no classic car fire scene but this movie does sound a whole lot like the John Hughes classic Planes, Trains & Automobiles staring the brilliant team of Steve Martin and John Candy. I’m not sure how intentional this was by the writers but this really borders on remake territory. Luckily for my rage over remakes and the audience watching this, the movie does stand on its own two feet. In just over an hour and a half, your average classic comedy time, this movie does pull in a lot of good laughs; it’s pretty goddamn funny actually. Granted some people may say Zach Galifianakis plays the same guy in every movie, or that Robert Downey Jr is washed up, but fuck them, even if it’s true it all works out for this one. Anybody that likes your odd ball buddy comedy movies will thoroughly enjoy this one; it’s one of the better comedies I’ve seen all year.

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REVIEW: Date Night

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I was kind of anticipating this movie, I imagine I had the same thoughts as most people the first time they heard about it. Steve Carell and Tina Fey, how can this fail? It’s going to be great! Besides the stars of the film the rest of the cast is pretty padded, you’ll find Common, Mark Wahlberg, Ray Liotta, James Franco, Mila Kunis, and William Fichtner. Some fans of The League and Always Sunny in Philadelphia might notice some familiar faces as well. First thing you hear in the movie is the Ramones, off to a good start. From there it basically flattens out, there are some highlights, a few laughs just not a lot, It’s enjoyable, not bad but it does sort of fall flat. It’s just not as good as it should be with the cast at hand. Ultimately what we’ve got is sort of an extreme romantic comedy with action and a married couple. This is more of the type of movie you turn on when you’re laying on the couch on a lazy Wednesday afternoon flipping through channels. During the credits there are outtakes, most of which are the best parts of the movie.

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REVIEW: Student Bodies

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Student Bodies is tagged as the world’s first comedy horror movie, I didn’t put in enough effort to research whether or not this was true. If this is true then the movie is pretty impressive seeing as there was nothing to build on. It’s a great prototype for movies like it, and by prototype I mean I wouldn’t throw this around as my final product but it has solid building blocks. There are a lot of gags in here that work very well, like the killer’s silly self narration, or the on-screen body count. But I go back to the term of prototype again because, there’s nothing in there that’s really laugh out loud hilarious, or really even that funny, just some things that you’ll see and think ‘oh that’s pretty funny’. You won’t find a star-studded cast or crew here but that doesn’t matter if things are done right, and I don’t think this film suffers from that. In the movie we’ve got heavy doses of Prom Night/Halloween/Friday the 13th mixed in to spoof off of and serves as the structure. There’s a high school where couples start getting murdered, the one thing they have in common is they always seem to do dying when they’re sexing it up. And of course there’s a mystery of who the killer is which makes a nice twist. If you’re a super fan of spoof movies you might want to check this out, but I wouldn’t go to great lengths searching it out and expecting some sort of super horror comedy, because you will be let down. I think it serves a better purpose of a piece of history, like a window into things to come.

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Another Kevin Smith movie, Cop Out. A buddy cop movie starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. A lot of people hated this movie and were really down on it, but I don’t know what for. I mean it’s pretty much as I expected. Bruce Willis being badass yet amusing, and Tracy Morgan doing stupid shit. I don’t see what the problem is here. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. Kevin Smith continues to be a good comedy director, I’m not sure what next level shit some people hold him to but this was just fine, not every movie he makes has to have Jay and Silent Bob in it. Hell the first ten minutes of this movie are straight up fucking hilarious. If you like comedy movie you should check it out, just don’t hold it to some super expectations.

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REVIEW: Grown Ups

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Sometimes there are those movies were the trailer looks like it might be a dud but you figure it can’t be bad because it’s got a great cast behind it. This is kind of how I felt about Grown Ups. The trailer looked like your run of the mill family comedy movie, not much interest there, but it’s got a great cast line up so I figured at the very least there had to be a couple good laughs in it. That cast includes Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider and Salma Hayek. There was also surprise appearances by Steve Buscemi, Colin Quinn and Tim Meadows. Not to mention this was written by Adam Sandler and Fred Wolf (a man who had a hand in such greats as Black Sheep, Dirty Work, Joe Dirt and Strange Wilderness. So I felt pretty confident that I’d at least be amused here. Luckily this movie does more than amuse, it’s pretty damn funny. Despite it’s look as a lame family friendly comedy it had me laughing pretty good more than a few times. And for those of you that are hoping for that family friendly bullshit don’t worry there this is one of those cases where a movie gets some big laughs in a totally G rated enviroment. If you’re thinking about checking this out but aren’t sure, I say go for it, I’m glad I did.

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