REVIEW: Defendor

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DefendorEver wanted to see Woody Harrelson play a mentally unstable man that’s also a superhero? Well Defendor is the movie for you. Arthur Poppington is a vigilante style superhero, much like Batman, but without the smarts, or the money. He’s on a search to find Captain Industry and put a stop to him. Along the way he makes an arch nemesis out of a dirty undercover cop and picks up a crack head sidekick (Kat Dennings). After stopping some crimes and being not only beaten up but shot he’s finally arrested. The movie kind of jumps back and forth most of the time as he’s telling the story to a psychiatrist. Peter Stebbings wrote and directed this, he doesn’t have much experience as a writer or director but after seeing this I’ll say he’s definitely on the right track. I enjoyed the hell out of this and highly recommend it to anyone that likes dark comedies or superhero movies.

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REVIEW: 3 Days to Kill

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3-days-to-kill-movie-poster-13 Day to Kill is an average movie at best. It tries to be an action movie but parts of it are just so slow I hesitate to even call it one. The movie has a couple of problems. First off it’s too long, almost two hours for this story is excessive. Another small problem seems to be Kevin Costner, nothing against Kevin Costner but I think this movie would have been better suited for Liam Neeson or Jason Statham, especially if they’d have cut the time and ramped up the action, because this almost two hours really seems to drag in places. Overall though not too bad of a movie, definitely one you should watch for free though.

REVIEW: Bullet

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BulletI was pretty quickly sold on Bullet, all I had to hear was that it had Danny Trejo and Jonathan Banks and I decided I needed to see it. Danny Trejo plays a cop, the kind of hard ass cop that you’d expect him to play. After taking down a pretty bad criminal dude his grandson is kidnapped to try and get this guy’s freedom. It everything goes pretty predicable, so much so that it’s far from the most entertaining movie. Though I’m not going to put the blame for the boredom of this movie on the script (even though it was written by the man I’m putting it on) the director. Nick Lyon directed this, and I haven’t seen any of his other work but judging from just this, he doesn’t have it. Everything in here is bland predictable and tiresome. It seems you’ve really got to work to make that happen with what he had going here. If you’re thinking about seeing this one my advice would be to avoid it, unless you’re having trouble sleeping.

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REVIEW: Non-Stop

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nonstop_xlgLiam Neeson is an air marshal on a flight that gets hijacked by an unknown abductor. Not only have they taken over the plane but they’ve framed Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) for the hijacking. It starts when he gets a text saying that money needs to be deposited in an account in twenty minutes or someone on the plane will die. It doesn’t stay just a threat for long as people start getting offed. Once the money is transferred things just get worse because that’s when the media turns its eyes to the air marshal as the man responsible. So now he’s got to stop the bad guys and clear his name at the same time. Overall the movie wasn’t bad, pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. Liam Neeson has the odd fortune to have become an action star in his later years, but he’s pulled it off pretty well. Still this movie really seems like it was written for Bruce Willis in 1992.

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REVIEW: 2 Guns

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two_guns_xlg2013 had a ton of comic book movies come out and 2 Guns was one of them. Director Baltasar Kormákur was the guy between this Denzel Washington/Mark Wahlberg adaptation. It’s about a DEA agent and a naval intelligence officer, after screwing with a drug cartel they’re on the run while trying to piece everything together. Honestly this movie didn’t look that great to begin with but I was hoping I’d get at least an entertaining action flick out of it, but 2 Guns even fails on that front. It was just kind of boring, basically a churned out action movie that really has nothing that stands out about it. Granted I never did read the comic so I’m not sure if that helps, hurts, or doesn’t make a difference. Either way I’m assuming this would be pretty boring, I really can’t think of a reason I’d recommend this one, just don’t waste your time.

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REVIEW: White House Down

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white-house-down-poster2I wasn’t quite sure what to make about White House Down at first, it’s directed by Roland Emmerich, a guy that is super hit or miss. It’s got Channing Tatum but it also has Jamie Foxx, and finally it really looked like a movie that was trying to be Die Hard. So I finally went to see it and it was what I expected on the good end of things. It was a fun, over the top, Die Hard rip-off. Jamie Foxx is the president, some dudes break into the white house to do bad guy things and Channing Tatum is a dude that was trying to get a job on the president’s security team, now he’s the dude trying to save the day. A lot of people are going to be down on this movie because of Emmerich, Channing Tatum and just in general how the movie looks. But give it a chance because the movie is really fun. It’s just a dumb action movie in the best possible way, it doesn’t have John McClane but it is a decent substitute. If you like mindless action movies then check this one out; it’s a pretty good use of your time.

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REVIEW: Pacific Rim

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pacific-rim-poster-imageThe simple version of this is, there are giant robots fighting giant monsters, go see it. But if you want the longer version of Guillermo del Toro’s new film we can do that. Charlie Hunnam (the dude from Sons of Anarchy) is a Jaegers pilot (Jaegers are the giant robots). They go out and fight the Kaiju that appear from the ocean. On a run he loses his co-pilot and shortly after the government decides to shut down the Jaeger program because they think building a giant wall will stop Kaiju. Years later the Jaeger program still operates underground and they scrape together the last of the Jeagers and pilots that they can in an effort to launch a plan that will stop the Kaiju for good. It’s pretty simple to decide if you should see this (A. you should, B. I assume you’ve already decided), if you like Kaiju movies Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, Power Rangers, you should stop what you’re doing right now and go see Pacific Rim, then see it again once you’re done.

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