REVIEW: The Great Muppet Caper

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10881575_detA Muppet movie that seems to always get overlooked whenever everyone talks about the Muppets. It’s also a movie I hadn’t seen since I was a kid but after seeing the newest Muppet movie I felt the need to go back and revisit all the old Muppet movies, and I’m glad I did. This movie is pretty damn funny; actually, it’s very funny. I’m not sure why this one seems to always be forgotten but it’s got tons of great jokes and gags in it. Within the first fifteen minutes I’d laughed enough for me to deem this a successful comedy, and there was much more to go. Kermit, Gonzo and Fozzie are reporters, or they were until they get fired pretty quickly into the movie. There’s a jewel thief on the loose, he seems to be targeting a rich fashion designer, the three Muppets travel to Britain to attempt to catch the thief and get their reporter jobs back. Miss Piggy also happens to be in Britain trying to get a job as a model, Kermit mistakes her for the famous lady who’s getting her jewelry snatched and they start seeing each other for a short time. This was back in 1981 when Jim Henson was still directing the Muppets, and every single joke still holds up today. I laughed every time there was a joke about Kermit and Fozzie being identical twins and enjoyed every musical number they had in here. This is without a doubt a Muppet movie that everyone who loves the Muppets has to see.

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REVIEW: The Wolf of Wall Street

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WolfofWallStreetNewposterNovrlsfull1Sometimes a movie will come by and you’ll notice it’s the performance of someone’s career. It doesn’t happen too often but sometimes you just get blown away and you know it as it happens. With Martin Scorsese’s latest film, The Wolf of Wall Street it happened twice. This is both Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill at the top of their fucking games. This movie has it all, a great story, lots of great jokes, super fun stuff like insane drug use and tons of nudity, compelling acting and perfect directing. This is a hundred and eighty minutes and you don’t even notice. I’ll even go as far as to say this is Scorsese’s best film since Casino. If you have somehow missed the previews this is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), the man is a stockbroker, one that seems to have an incredible gift of talking and selling. It doesn’t take him long to come up with a few creative ways to make money, not all of it is legal. It’s a nice time while it lasts, a very nice time. People getting rich, doing drugs, having fun, but eventually the FBI comes around and well, you know how it goes from there. Just do yourself a favor and go see this fucking movie, it’s incredible.

REVIEW: The To Do List

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to_do_list_xlgThe To Do List, written and directed by Maggie Carey, her first time directing, staring Aubrey Plaza with Bill Hader, Donald Glover, Sarah Steele and Alia Shawkat. Basically it’s a teen sex comedy, a category of movies that is overflowing with terrible movies and a few great ones. This one isn’t quite in the terrible category but it’s not even close to being on the list of greats. Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza) is an honor student that has graduated high school and is off to collage soon. She does have a problem though, she has no sexual experience. Her friends and sister tell her that this is not the way to start her collage life so she sets out to correct that. She makes a sex list and sets out to check everything off of it before she starts school. It’s far from the worst of these movies I’ve seen, though I think that’s mostly due to the cast but it’s far from great. There were a few parts that had a laugh here and there but I wouldn’t call it a hilarious movie by any means. This is the type of movie that you’re going to watch for free somewhere when you’re home sick one day.

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REVIEW: This Is the End

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this_is_the_end_xlgOne of my most anticipated movies in a long time and one of the oddest movies that have been made in quite a while. So we’ve got a giant cast including James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Michael Cera and Emma Watson (plus many more) all playing themselves in this movie. James Franco throws a party at his new house, Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel come over, while at the party shit goes crazy and apocalyptic situation breaks out, now they’re all trapped in Franco’s house attempting to stay safe. Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen wrote and directed this, and it does not disappoint in anyway. It is the funniest movie I’ve seen this year and I don’t see that changing. I’ve seen it a handful of times at this point and it’s still hilarious each time. This one is highly recommended.

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REVIEW: The World’s End

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the-worlds-end-us-poster-skipThe World’s End is Edgar Wright’s third film in the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy which also includes Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Just like the other two movies this one also stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and was written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. Twenty years ago five friends tried to do the golden mile, which is basically barhopping through a line of bars, at the end of this is the bar called ‘The World’s End’. When they tried to make the mile years past they failed. Now Gary King (Simon Pegg) wants to get his friends together and try again. The main problem is Gary is stuck in the past, he still wears the same clothes, drives the same car, acts like everything is the same but all his friends have moved on with their lives. After finally tricking them into trying the Golden Mile again they set off and in their quest they find out the town has been taken over by robotic replacements. Now they’re trying to fight for survival, save the town while Gary still tries to complete the golden mile. Overall the movie was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen all year, though it wasn’t quite as good as the previous two. Still if you like Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright movies you’ll like The World’s End. It’s pretty damn funny, plus it’s got robots, you really can’t go wrong with robots in a movie.

REVIEW: Much Ado About Nothing

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much-ado-about-nothing_612x907This one is pretty simple but with a bit of an odd twist. Joss Whedon, the man you probably know from The Avengers, Dr. Horrible, Serenity, Buffy and Firefly is the man behind Much Ado About Nothing. It’s basically a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s play of the same name. It’s got a pretty stacked cast including Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion, Clark Gregg, Reed Diamond, Fran Kranz, Jillian Morgese, Sean Maher, Spencer Treat Clark, Riki Lindhome, Ashley Johnson, Emma Bates, Tom Lenk, Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney. The movie is shot in black and white and sticks to Shakespeare’s work pretty much more than anyone could ask for; in fact the dialog is all one hundred percent intact. This actually takes some getting used to while you’re watching it but after twenty minutes or so you should be used to it. Everyone in the movie does a great job and there’s more than a few serious laughs. They do a great job of combining Shakespeare’s words with physical comedy. However as much as I liked this it definitely isn’t for everyone, a lot of people will probably be put off by the dialog and some by it being black and white but if you think you can handle it give Much Ado About Nothing a watch because it’s pretty entertaining.

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REVIEW: Hell Baby

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Hell-Baby-posterHell Baby, a horror comedy directed by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon. A couple movies into a haunted house in New Orleans, the woman is pregnant and quickly becomes possessed. It’s basically an evil house movie, but a comedy version. The movie doesn’t try too hard like a lot of the horror comedies we’ve gotten the past few years, but sadly it just isn’t that funny. The thing that is really confusing is when you look at the cast it’s got Leslie Bibb, Rob Corddry, Riki Lindhome, Paul Scheer, Michael Ian Black, Thomas Lennon, Keegan Michael Key, Robert Ben Garant, and Rob Huebel yet somehow it still fails to be that good. There are a couple laughs in the movie but overall it’s just eh. I’d say if you’re going to check this out it’s a movie you watch for free. But really, this isn’t a movie you need to see.  Though it does have Riki Lindhome nude in it.

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