REVIEW: The Taxpayers: Go to Florida

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This is something you rarely see; in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like it, a documentary about a real DIY touring band. The taxpayers have a decent following but they’re still a pretty small band, this isn’t a NOFX DVD, it’s the Taxpayers and that just makes everything better. It follows the band on their tour with The Wild (another really good band) the two aren’t together for the entire thing but a good chunk of it. You get to find out in part what it’s like to be a DIY touring band. There’s a little bit about how The Taxpayers was started and how they book and get around on tour. You get to see some of the people they meet along the way and find out about when they were living in a storage container for a bit. The DVD has some really great live footage which may be my favorite parts because The Taxpayers are one of the most fun bands I’ve ever seen live. The footage on here still doesn’t do them justice but its pretty rad all the same. The DVD runs about an hour long, there’s also a trailer on here and a couple deleted scenes. My only real complaints is I wish there’d have been more of this, it seems like it just scratches the surface and it seems to just abruptly end. But besides that it’s a fun watch. Anybody that’s into punk bands will probably enjoy this; it’s pretty cool to see how a real punk band hits the road for a change. You can scoop it up from Asian Man records.

Get it from Asian Man Records HERE

Get the download from Happy Family Productions HERE

REVIEW: Get Thrashed

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Get Thrashed, or Get Thrashed: The Story of Thrash Metal is a documentary about thrash metal. It runs about two hours (with another hour or extras) and goes down thrash metal from the start until today. It’s got a good mix of just an overview so it doesn’t end up being fifteen hours, and goes in-depth to some bands. It doesn’t just pick like the big four to go into, it digs into a lot of bands you may not have heard of. This is a great documentary for big metal heads that like hearing about the things that they love and it’s also an awesome introduction to thrash if you’re new to it. It touches on a lot of great bands and calls out some top rate albums that’ll get you well on your way to becoming a full time metal head. It looks like the director Rick Ernst has only made this, but I hope he kicks out some more documentaries because this one was done pretty well. I watch a lot of documentaries and like a lot of metal, and I very much enjoyed this one, it’s in the higher level of metal documentaries that I’ve seen. My only problem with this documentary is some of the interviews. They’re talking about all these great bands, with interviews from band members, but then they also interview some more current bands, just about all of which fucking suck. I understand that these are some of the bands that early thrash bands influenced but I don’t give a flying fuck about with the guy from slipknot, or Killswitch Engage has to say about Kreator. This is a must watch for any thrash fan, and my highest recommendation if you’re just getting into thrash. Get Thrashed is a fucking great documentary that goes up there with the likes of the best of them, like ‘Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey’.

Get Get Thrashed from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: The Runaways

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The Runaways, a movie that tells the story of the band of the same name, ne of the first all girl rock bands. Started by Joan Jett and Sandy West with producer Kim Fowley. The band consisted of Sandy West, Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Cherie Currie, and many bassists. Most of the band is just glossed over the entire movie, you see Sandy when she meets Joan and Lita when the band has an argument besides that they’re basically extras. The movie pretty much centers around Joan Jett played by Kristen Stewart and Cherie Currie played by Dakota Fanning and Kim Fowley played by Michael Shannon. Overall the movie was ok, the first half of the movie is pretty great. The band forming, making it, and the early days of touring. But as it goes in it goes down hill. The second half of the movie pretty much drags on, yet someone feels rushed at the same time, totally skipping years. I really think they could have fleshed out the post breakup of the band and Joan’s solo career, but that might have been a bit much for a movie about the Runaways, and no just Joan Jett, however at the very lest they could have made the band’s life more robust. The movie isn’t very long to start with, just an hour and forty five minutes, adding another twenty or thirty minutes to cover a few missing years could have made a huge difference. Because of the lack of part of the movie the whole thing really suffers. As far as the acting, I was actually pretty surprised. I’m really not a fan of anyone in the movie but that didn’t stick out as badly as I thought it would. Fans of the band will most likely enjoy this movie for what it is, but I think people who don’t know the band might be bored with this one especially when it gets to the sluggish second half.

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REVIEW: Empire Records

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‘Empire Records’ is a classic about a little record store, somewhere between a cult classic and a hit most people you run into have seen this one. Why does this movie work so well? Most likely because it’s got something for everybody. It’s about a record store, everyone loves music and they cover all their bases. They’ve got punk/goth chick, the douchey kid that only wears black, a couple of slutty girls, the cool guy that doesn’t realise it, the ‘cool’ boss and the evil corporate man that’s trying to sell the place and ruin everybody’s fun. A lot of movies from this era that everyone seems to like really don’t live up to the hype but ‘Empire Records’ is one of the few is universally liked for good reason, these group of people who would most likely not even be friends if it weren’t for this store come together and try to save the place they love. It seems like Empire Records is a place everyone would love to work at.

Get Empire Records from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Weakerthans: Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre

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If you’ve ever seen the Weakerthans live before you already know how good they are live. If you haven’t you should be ready for a good performance because they are one of the most solid bands I’ve ever seen live. They John K. Samson might not run around the stage like Bruce Dickinson but I’ll be damned if this band doesn’t sound like they do on their albums. What we’ve got here is an album and a DVD of one of their shows, and it’s pretty great. They do a lot of my favorite songs on here so I was pretty happy, the video and audio recording quality is great too, no basement show VHS punk rock footage here. For those vinyl heads, don’t worry its available in CD and on a double LP, the only bad thing about the record is you don’t get the DVD with it, which I think was a mistake to do. The album cover I hear one of the members of the band painted while they were on tour which is pretty cool. I do have to mention though, I did find one thing really weird about this. Apparently the average age of a Weakerthans fan is about 14, or at least at this show judging from the audience, I was not expecting to see so many kids that look liked their waiting for their parents cars outside. Not that that has anything at all to do with the album itself. Anyway, if you like the Weakerthans you should already own this, if not, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for.

1. Everything Must Go
2. Tournament Of Hearts
3. Our Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault In Paris In 1969)
4. Night Windows
5. Reconstruction Site
6. Aside
7. Civil Twilight
8. Bigfoot
9. Plea From A Cat Named Virtute
10. The Reasons
11. Sun In An Empty Room
12. Left And Leaving
13. Wellington’s Wednesdays
14. Benediction
15. Manifest
16. One Great City!
17. This Is A Fire Door Never Leave Open
18. Virtute The Cat Explains Her Departure

Get Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Crazy Heart

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Scott Cooper Directs Crazy Heart staring Jeff Bridges as Bad Blake, a country artist who’s career has seem to run it’s course. He made his money with his peak of fame back in the day but now Bad Blake is playing small bars on spotty month long tours. Mean while Tommy Sweet, Bad’s former protege is off being a superstar. Too bad for the movie that Tommy is played by one of the world’s worst actors, Colin Farrell. As soon as I saw him pop up on screen I feared for the safety of the movie. Luckily for the movie and the viewing audience Tommy doesn’t have a big part and Jeff Bridges greatness is stronger than Farrell’s shittyness. The Tommy/Bad characters I basically look at as Bad Blake is your Waylon Jennings type of country man. Granted Waylon never had quite the hard fall Bad’s been hit with but you get the idea. Where’s Tommy Sweet is more the Tim McGraw/Toby Keith ‘we’ve destroyed country music’ type of guy. People are wondering when they’re going to do an album together, but it doesn’t look like that’s about to happen. Meanwhile Bad finds himself falling for a local news paper writer, a necessary story in the movie and luckily it doesn’t drag the movie down. The movie might not have the storybook ending you’re expecting but I guess you could say it all works out that way for a reason.

And a side note here, Jeff Bridges does some singing in here, he’s pretty damn good – would buy a Bridges album.

Get Crazy Heart from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: The Queers: Alive In Hollyweird

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I’ll start off here by saying that I think Punk Rock Social has peeked very early with this one. They were the guys that brings this awesome CD/DVD set from the Queers. First here’s what this is packed with. A CD of the live show, and a DVD that includes the show, 2 commentary tracks, and interview, an old Queers show from 1990, with commentary on that, pictures and a ton of hidden extras. That alone should have you searching for this to buy right now, well wroth the price of admission. Add to that that this is one of the best, if not the best Queers live album to date you also get Danny Vapid playing with the Queers for a few songs. This is simply, no excuse, a must have for any Queers fan.

1. No Tit
2. We’d Have A Riot Doing Heroin
3. I Spent The Rent
4. Nothing To Do
5. Can’t Stop Farting
6. Night Of The Livid Queers
7. My Old Man’s A Fatso
8. Tulu Is A Wimp
9. I Want Cunt
10. Monster Zero
11. You’re Tripping
12. Wimpy Drives Through Harlem
13. Steak Bomb
14. Drop The Attitude Fucker
15. Fuck You
16. Like A Parasite
17. I Didn’t Get Invited To The Prom
18. Ben Weasel
19. Danny Vapid
20. Cindy’s On Methadone
21. Hi Mom It’s Me
22. Granola Head
23. Ursula Finally Has Tits
24. Love Love Love
25. Goodbye California
26. Fuck The World
27. Six Pack
28. This Place Sucks
29. Noodlebrain
30. I Hate Everything
31. Kicked Out Of The Webelos
32. Punk Rock Girls

Get Alive In Hollyweird from Amazon HERE

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