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CobbTy Cobb is one of the best baseball players of all time; this 1994 movie is an adaption of the book that Al Stump wrote about him. Now I’ve learned that apparently Al Stump has been discredited but that doesn’t make this movie any less entertaining, just maybe not factual. Robert Wuhl plays Al Stump and Tommy Lee Jones is the great Ty Cobb. Cobb calls Stump to come to his home so he can write a biography about the ball player before he dies, that’s pretty much the gist of the movie. The main part of the movie though is Tommy Lee Jones/Ty Cobb just acting completely insane. He drinks, womanizes, waves a gun around, yells at everybody, it’s pretty damn great. They’re pretty much the only two characters that are through the whole movie and both guys did a great job. The movie really isn’t so much about baseball it’s really just ‘Cy Cobb is insane’. As I said it might not be all right but it is pretty damn entertaining so I’m going to go ahead and give this one a recommendation.

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REVIEW: Seven Levels of Hate

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7 Levels of HateSeven Levels of Hate is the story of a feud between Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana and “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce for the NWA championship. I had heard about the Seven Levels of Hate feud when it was going on but never got to see any of the matches. The first thing I thought when I heard about this was ‘I really hope they put a DVD collection out with all of the matches’. Well Adam Pearce stepped up to that, and beyond. He took it upon himself to create a two hour documentary about the creation of the feud, what was happening during it and the aftermath of it AND the DVD features all seven of the matches. The documentary includes interviews with various wrestlers (including Colt and Adam), members of the NWA and various other people. Overall the documentary itself is really good, one of the better wrestling documentaries I’ve seen. Though if a great documentary isn’t enough for you you also get to see the entire seven levels of hate feud! Not only are there the promos but the full matches as well. I don’t think there’s ever been this kind of package over one wrestling feud; this is really an incredible thing that’s been put together. Any wrestling fan should have this on their DVD shelf.

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REVIEW: Forever Hardcore: The Documentary

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forever-HardcoreThis was a great surprise of a documentary, I came into this not expecting a whole lot but came away with a ton. This is a documentary about the great wrestling promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling. It’s an independent documentary, not a WWE one which gives it a nice new angle on things. The bad thing about it not being WWE produced is it doesn’t look as slick as it could have and they don’t have rights to any of the ECW stuff so there are no matches or clips or any of that cool stuff. It does however have interviews, fucking tons of interviews. This is a pure interview style documentary; it’s about two hours of talking to some of the men that made ECW. There are tons of guys missing that I’d like to have seen here but it also has a ton of guys that can talk like experts on the subject, it’s got Kid Kash, Simon Diamond, Terry Taylor, Sabu, Sandman, Joey Styles, Blue Meanie, Shane Douglas, Terry Funk, Jerry Lynn, New Jack, James Mitchell (Sinister Minister), Raven, Todd Grisham, Francine, Gabe Sapolsky, Gary Wolfe (Pitbull #1) and some others. It’s really damn impressive. About the only thing I didn’t like about this was New Jack, he comes off as just as shitty a person as he is a wrestler, dude is fucking awful. Besides that dose of awfulness this thing is excellent. You get a lot of insight to what made and broke ECW, a lot of stories you may know if you followed ECW but even if you did there’s still a good amount of stuff that will most likely be new to you, I know it was for me. Even though this doesn’t have a lot of flash it’s one of the better wrestling documentaries I’ve seen. If you were a fan of ECW you’ve got to see Forever Hardcore.

The DVD version I’ve got is the director’s cut, its two discs and has extended interviews and some matches.

The matches are definitely the weak point of this DVD. These matches are NOT ECW matches, I believe they’re XPW matches. The commentary on these is AWFUL, easily some of the worst wrestling commentary I’ve ever heard. It almost makes the matches unwatchable.

Terry Funk vs. Sabu - Sadly this match is pretty boring, it just seems kind of like they’re going through the motions of many matches of the past. Pretty underwhelming.
Shane Douglas vs. Chris Candido - After the lack luster showing from Funk and Sabu I wasn’t expecting much from this, especially considering both Douglas and Candido are very much past their primes at this point. However as a pleasant surprise this match was pretty damn good. It’s no five star match of the year affair but it was damn well enjoyable. This turned out to be the best match on here.
New Jack vs. Vic Grimes - I did not watch this match, fuck these guys.
Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Hamrick - Jerry Lynn works his ass off to make this match decent and pulls it off for the most part. Hamrick is average at best and so is the match, it’s worth watching if you’ve got nothing else going on though. Really one of the only two matches even worth watching.
Sandman vs. Konnan, Psicosis, MMW - Before the match Sandman and Konnan show just how awful they are on the mic, the match itself isn’t much better than that, ugh.

Terry Funk vs. Sabu
Shane Douglas vs. Chris Candido
New Jack vs. Vic Grimes
Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Hamrick
Sandman vs. Konnan, Psicosis, MMW

Get Forever Hardcore Wrestling – The Documentary from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: F1RST Wrestling: Wrestlepalooza January 12, 2013

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F1RST Wrestling WrestlepaloozaI picked this DVD up not knowing much about it. Basically I bought it because it had a Masked Intruder set and I just hoped that the wrestling was good. I’d only heard of a couple of guys on here but just because you haven’t heard of someone doesn’t mean they’re not good. Sadly this event wrestling wise was just alright, there are some good matches but some bad and forgettable ones too. I think it was worth buying being a Masked Intruder fan though, they played fourteen songs, I do with there was like a DVD feature where you could see them all at once though since they are split up into three sets throughout the event. Wrestling fans can basically skip this one, but pop punk fans might want to pick it up if you’ve got some extra cash lying around.

Wildcat & Zero Gravity vs. Mr. Kincaid, Renny D & Rob James The opening match super fun; it was a great way to start it off. Both teams really good and there were some nice spots in the match. It reminded me of a match they might have in Chikara. Before the match “6% Body Fat” Rob James cut a pretty good promo, he also had my favorite spot of the match. The dude’s pretty good. Sadly this was a great opener but it was also the best match, it kind of goes downhill from here.

After the match there was a Burlesque striptease, basically a complete waste of time.

Shawn Daivari vs. Colin Cambridge The second match a short but solid match. Shawn Daivari you probably recognize from his time with WWE and TNA, he’s still got it. Colin Cambridge I’d never heard of before and the match was real short but from what I saw he was pretty good.

Masked Intruder Then came the reason I bought the DVD, a Masked Intruder set. It was pretty solid and they got six songs which was more than I was expecting.

The Misfits (Aaron Corbin & John Johnson) vs. The North Star Express I like the North Star Express but this match was kind of boring. It was alright but nothing special.

Another Burlesque striptease, more wasted time.

Masked Intruder Unexpected, but I’ll take it, another Masked Intruder set. This one was three songs. After Arya Daivari cut a pretty great promo and got tons of heat for it.

I want to sidetrack for a minute here and call out Arya Daivari’s work. This DVD was the first time I’d seen or heard of this buy but I’m pretty impressed. I’m not sure if I can accurately judge his ring work from the match he had later but his promo stuff is top notch. I’m a fan of this dude.

Arik Cannon vs. Arya Daivari I don’t care for Arik Cannon, the dude has never impressed me. This match was alright but it was lacking for sure and I’m going to blame him. It turned into a junk match with trashcans and shit which was kind of expected. Ugh.

More Burlesque, more time wasted.

El Chivas Blanco vs. Pete Huge This match had amazing amounts of stalling, it was ridiculous. Then when the match finally happened it basically sucked. Not much more to say about it.

Masked Intruder Things closed out with a third Masked Intruder set. This one was a nice five songs.

1. Wildcat & Zero Gravity vs. Mr. Kincaid, Renny D & Rob James
2. Queenie Von Curves Performance
3. Shawn Daivari vs. Colin Cambridge
4. Masked Intruder Performance
5. The Misfits (Aaron Corbin & John Johnson) vs. The North Star Express
6. Burlesque Performance
7. Masked Intruder Performance
8. Arik Cannon vs. Arya Daivari
9. Queenie Von Curves Performance
10. El Chivas Blanco vs. Pete Huge

REVIEW: WWE: CM Punk: Best In The World

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CMPunkCM Punk has finally gotten his own WWE DVD (or in this case Blu-Ray) and it’s a pretty good one. As just noted this is the Blu-ray version that I got so it has some more shit on it. My first annoyance with this doesn’t really have anything to do with the product it’s just that it’s called ‘best in the world’ I never appreciated Punk stealing that from Bryan Danielson. But onward to the feature. This like most of the WWE releases has a documentary, and it’s a good one. It’s a little longer than most clocking in at just under two hours. I heard a lot of rumblings when this was being made, about how Punk was going to shake things up and make this his own thing how he wanted it to be made. A big issue I heard was that he didn’t want the ‘generic’ WWE music and how he had enlisted some of his friends in bands to do the music, the result is kind of hilarious. I like CM Punk and I like punk music, but CM does not have the best taste in Punk. A lot of this documentary seems like a long music video, or that it was directed by the guy from Rancid… (After making that comment Lars Frederiksen from Rancid appeared on screen). If you can get past the cheesiness of the thing, which I can, it’s pretty good. The documentary takes you through Punk’s childhood, how he got into wrestling, it goes pretty in-depth about his travels through the indie feds, so much so that it was pretty surprising to me. It goes through his entire time at the WWE and tells the story about his whole contract dispute. A nice and really surprising thing was who they had as interviews on this, there’s a fair amount of indie guys (and indie guys that are now in or were in WWE. It had the likes of Bryan Danielson (as Daniel Bryan), Joey Mercury, Chris Hero (surprisingly as Chris Hero), Ace steel (I didn’t expect this at all), and Colt Cabana. It would have been weird to have this made without Colt but I was still surprised they had him in here, especially with the amount that he was in here, Colt is all over this documentary, and if you’re wondering he’s listed as Colt Cabana not Scotty Goldman. Paul Heyman is also all over this thing, besides Colt, Paul totally makes this documentary. Another surprising thing on this was the footage, as I said it went into surprising detail about his indie career this includes IWA and ROH footage which was a nice surprise. Overall it’s not the best WWE documentary but I’d put it in the top half of the best ones so far.

The features, the features are pretty cool, they’re basically deleted scenes and they have a TON of them, there’s like an extra two hours of these (Blu-ray version). Some of these include stories of where the CM Punk name comes from, his skull fracture, his OVW feud with Brent Albright, CM Punk at the Cubs game, playing video games with Kofi, being an extra at WrestleMania. He also talks about his style; he mentions Kenta and using his finisher (he however seems to conveniently leave out all the rest of Kenta’s movies that he uses). It’s got a bunch more than this too.

The Matches:
They don’t have the matches under a separate thing that kind of annoys me but they’re all here, I think I could have picked some better matches in some places but it’s got some real good ones. Most of the matches have a little promo package leading up to the match too which I like. Another thing I really like is they have the match footage on here from when they cut to commercial on the show. It’s just a nice little touch, kind of makes me glad I own this.

vs. Brent Albright - When I first heard this match was on here I was really bummed that it wasn’t their strap match, I’ve seen that one a few times and it’s top notch, but you know what? This is a damn good match. (Though I think they still should have put the strap match on. This one drags due to an apparent injury for a time) It’s the closest thing there is to an indie match on here (I mean it pretty much is) and it really has that feel. You see some things in here that Punk still has yet to use in WWE, and Brent Albright is great in the ring too, it’s a damn shame WWE totally wasted him.
Vs. Justin Credible - A pretty short match but it was Punk’s WWE debut, so I guess for an opener like it wasn’t bad. Short but good.
Vs. John Morrison - Punk and Morrison wrestled a bunch, so much so that I got sick of seeing the match, but after some time I’m ready to watch again and this may be the best of their matches. It’s a decent length which is really surprising for WWE TV.
Money in the Bank - Going into this match I’d have said almost half the people involved were a complete waste, but everybody really carried their weight in here, even the dudes that I cannot stand. I guess it’s a real testament to WrestleMania bringing out the best in people. Needless to say at this point that this is a very entertaining match.
CM Punk & Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase - This match is good, but just that, it’s good but nothing amazing. All four of these guys put on a solid but besides the fact that it was more gold for Punk I’m not really sure why it was included.
Vs. William Regal - Regal is just an amazing guy in the ring; Punk is in good hands with this match. This is one of the few examples in this package of two guys that can wrestle wrestling. One of the top three matches on here.
Vs. Jeff Hardy - Jeff Hardy is fucking horrible, but this feud was great and that was all because of Punk. CM Punk coming out dressed up as Jeff was brilliant. It’s more or less you’re typical mess of a Jeff Hardy match, though a little better than most. Punk did his best but there’s only so much he had to work with. They could have put something better in this match’s place for sure.
vs. Rey Mysterio -  Mysterio’s best days are way behind him, they have been for a very long time but Punk is one of the not even a handful of guys that can still pull a good match out of him. The match was almost ended early due to a possible injury but they fought through it. Not their best match but it was alright, especially considering I’m sure both guys were hurting during it.
Vs. John Cena - The last time I saw a crowd this one sided was RVD vs. John Cena for the title. This is ALMOST as crazy as that was. Honestly I had this match more built up in my head than it turned out to be. It was still a really good match but it was no five star epic. Both guys put a lot into it and we got a great WWE Title match out of it.
Vs. Chris Jericho - Punk can pull a decent match out of most people, but man it really shows when he’s got someone in the ring that can go. Jericho had been off for a long time before this run so he wasn’t in his prime but he can still get it done. I guess it helps that this was a WrestleMania, everyone brings their A game there. This is a great fucking match. One of the best three on this.
Vs. Daniel Bryan - As I was just saying with the Chris Jericho match, it makes all the difference in the world when Punk is in the ring with someone that can go. With this match CM Punk is in there with the real ‘Best in the World’ Bryan Danielson. The two top guys in the WWE in the ring giving the real match that they’d teased a few time, it’s great. Not the best match these two have ever had together but the best they’ve had in the WWE, and probably the best match the WWE has had in a long time. It’s the best match in this package.
Vs. Rey Mysterio - This match is much better than their Hair vs. Joining the SeS match. It’s not the best match but pretty entertaining.

CM Punk vs. Brent Albright (Finals in the OVW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament/OVW)
CM Punk vs. Justin Credible (ECW)
CM Punk vs. John Morrison (Last Chance for the ECW Championship/ECW)
CM Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. John Morrison vs. Carlito vs. Chris Jericho vs. MVP vs. Mr. Kennedy (Money in the Bank)
CM Punk & Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase
CM Punk vs. William Regal (Intercontinental Title Match/No Disqualification)
CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy (World Heavyweight Title Match/Tables Ladders and Chairs/Summer slam)
CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio (Rey Joins SES vs. Punk’s Hair/Over The Limit)
CM Punk vs. John Cena (WWE Title Match/Money in the Bank)
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho (WWE Title Match/WrestleMania XXVIII)
CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE Title Match/Over the Limit)
CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio (Finals of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament/Armageddon)

Get WWE: CM Punk – Best in the World from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Trouble with the Curve

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Baseball, Clint Eastwood, and Amy Adams, what’s not to love about this movie? Well there are some things but not a lot. Besides Eastwood and Amy Adams there are a lot of other faces you’ll recognize in here including Justin Timberlake, Robert Patrick and John Goodman. Behind the scene’s there’s some first timers, Randy Brown wrote it and it’s the first movie he’s written and making his directorial debut is Robert Lorenz, though it appears he’s been Eastwood’s assistant director for a long time. The movie itself isn’t exactly a baseball movie, though there is baseball throughout the entire thing. Gus (Clint Eastwood) is a baseball talent scout, he’s getting old and his eyes are failing. Mickey (Amy Adams) is his lawyer daughter who decides to come on him to a scouting trip after some convincing by Pete (John Goodman) Gus’s good friend and boss. Mickey is kind of a bitch during the first part of the movie, though I guess she’s a lawyer so that fits. The first part of the movie is also kind of depressing because it’s pretty much just about Gus being old. If you can get past that there’s a pretty entertaining scouting trip. Mickey helps Gus out since he can’t see well and they attempt to fix their father daughter relationship. Meanwhile some guys from back at the Team are trying to undercut Gus and thrown in for the ladies Justin Timberlake is thrown in as Johnny a former prospect turned scout hoping to be an announcer and possible love interest of Mickey. The biggest flaw in this movie (besides the ear stabbing of the collage kid’s aluminum bats) is its greatest strength; it sits somewhere between drama (the whole Eastwood/Adams/ageing baseball scout thing) and almost wanting to be a romantic comedy (Adams/Timberlake). If I’d been told this going in I’d have assumed this was destined to be a train wreck but it oddly works really well. I don’t know if I’d say check this out if you like baseball movies but if you’re in love with Amy Adams and baseball and like Clint Eastwood it’s a good couple of hours to spend.

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REVIEW: WWE: Superstar Collection: Daniel Bryan

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I’ve been a fan of Bryan Danielson since about 2003 or so, he’s without question my favorite wrestler of the modern era. I was pretty excited when he got signed to the WWE but at the same time bummed because I knew there would be no more seeing him wrestle in Philly with a few hundred die hard wrestling fans. I knew there would be be no more hour long five star matches. And I really thought they’d either bury him or fire him pretty quickly. Luckily he’s stayed in the WWE and has risen to the top. This DVD looks lackluster on paper, whoever picked the matches should be ashamed but there were one or two I hadn’t seen and I had to buy it to support American Dragon anyway. This will be my first wrestling review of any type, hopefully more to come.

Vs. Jericho – This match was much better than I remember. I recall it being a five minute dissepiment. Granted it is short but not that short and it’s much better than I remembered. Pretty decent little NXT match.
On the DVD it says it has a history of Daniel Bryan and the Miz but really it’s just one of those promo things they seem to show during the shows of what happened the past two weeks or whatever. I was petty bummed about that.
Vs. The Miz – I hate the Miz, he’s pretty shitty. This match wasn’t a whole lot, it isn’t bad but it’s far from amazing and I’ll blame all of that on the Miz. I guess Danielson did pretty well with what he had to work with.
Money In the Bank – This is a match I had never seen, it was pretty good, especially considering half of the people in are pretty bad filler. It’s a fun match with some pretty good spots, I was entertained for sure.
Vs. Mark Henry – This match is was pretty good for what it was. It’s one of the ones I take issue with being on the DVD though (besides the damn Miz waste). There were much better matches from this whole Danielson/Henry/Show feud that they could have put on here. Still, not bad.
Vs. Big Show Vs. Mark Henry – This was a pretty great match, especially when you consider that it was two of the biggest big men in there. WWE did a great job building up to this match; I wish they would have put some of that stuff on the DVD. Hell they didn’t even put Danielson winning the title on here. But as a stand-alone match it works out pretty well. Best match on the DVD for sure.

All in all not the best collection, I’m pretty sure I could have put together a better Daniel Bryan collection for them but as it stands it’s alright. I knew there wasn’t going to be anything like the documentaries of the caliber that they put on the collections but I was hoping for something, instead we got nothing. But hey, I paid five bucks for it, it’s a pretty good DVD (why no Blu-ray I don’t know) at that price, and it supports the real best wrestler in the world.

Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho (NXT)
Daniel Bryan vs. the Miz (US Title Match/Night of Champions)
Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett vs. Kane vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Sheamus vs. Sin Cara (Money in the Bank)
Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry (Smackdown)
Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry (Triple Threat Steal Cage Match/Royal Rumble)

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