I’m sure most people know Charles Manson has been involved with music throughout the years, his association with The Beatles and The Beach Boys is no secret. But we’re not here to get into that, or even who Charles Manson is, that merely is mentioned as a base for what comes next. Magic Bullet Records comes why? Because Charles Manson is a musician, here is the eight song album entitled ‘Air’. It is the first in a four-part seasonal album series, following ‘Air’ there will be ‘Trees’, ‘Water’ and ‘Animals’. If you haven’t heard Charles Manson’s music before you might be shocked at what you hear, but if you sit back and think of the time period it sprang forth from it all makes sense. Easy calming acoustics is what you’ll get out of this, almost prison blues. You’ll most likely take these songs in totally different ways if you know who’s behind the music verses if not. If you just heard these songs knowing nothing about them, its chill acoustic bluesy tunes. If you know what’s behind it, things sort of take a slightly uneasy feel, but either way you can’t deny this is damn good. Even if all of it isn’t the most coherent thing I’ve ever heard.

‘The Moon’ Opening things is a bit of an eerily calm song, lyrically it sort of makes sense but not totally and it’s sort of off setting, but at the same time if you listen to a lot of old blues, and really stoned people you’ve probably heard something like it before.
‘Brother Gun’ More of a carefree sounding song, this is totally something I’d be listening to when laying about lounging the day away.
‘Bird’ Starts off sounding like a love song, or at least talking about love, then it sort of trails off and confusingly comes back. Kind of like your having a conversation with a drunk man with a guitar.
‘Gas Chamber’ Chances are you’re going to draw conclusions based on the title of the track, but it doesn’t seem to be based on corporal punishment. Instead just the world and the dying enviroment around us. There’s a lot of incoherent parts in here too.
‘World Perspectives’ Seems to continue right from the previous song, most it is more of a speech or poem than a song.
‘Hobo Poem’ Well this is exactly what the title says, a poem about a hobo.
‘East Bound Train’ From the hobo poem, we jump on a train headed east, we’re back on track with a song, maybe the best one too.
‘Air is the King’ We’re back at the environment ideas, and more specifically air, hence the title of the album. But this is more of just a conscious rambling than a song, which kind of ends abruptly. An odd ending to this odd album.

1. The Moon
2. Brother Gun
3. Bird
4. Gas Chamber
5. World Perspectives
6. Hobo Poem
7. East Bound Train
8. Air is the King

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