In 1985 John Fogerty released his first album in nine years; one where he played all the instruments on this album himself, which as it turned out was a good idea. It was by far his most popular post-Creedence album, even going double-platinum. This is just a classic album, it has a lot of great songs, and it’s almost perfect. This album makes me think of summer and relaxing in the sun and baseball, all the best things in life. In 2010 they released a 25th Anniversary Edition which featured a remastered version of the album with two bonus tracks. Both tracks were released as B-sides to 45’s released in 1986, but now you get them in one nice collection.  The added tracks are nice but didn’t really need to be done, same with the remastering, I think the original album sounded just fine and if it ain’t broke, ya know… But if you never owned the album it’s a perfect time to pick it up, I wouldn’t go out re-buying this edition though. Either way it’s essential to own.

‘The Old Man Down the Road’ This song pretty much sounds like what it is a CCR solo project. A great rhythm with a little bit of country and soul thrown in. This song is incredible, right from the start you know the album is going to be good, this isn’t the best song, but it does get the silver medal.
‘Rock and Roll Girls’ Here we’ve got more of a smooth song, even with some sexy saxophone in it. Totally reminds me of summer dates. Ya know the ones I rarely had.
‘Big Train (From Memphis)’ As you might guess from the title there’s a lot of that country twang in this one. A song about a train, you can’t really go wrong with that, and John doesn’t. Another clear winner for the album.
‘I Saw It On T.V.’ A bit of a down lonesome tone to this song, it slows down the album but it’s well placed so it doesn’t ruin things, just spreads out the overall enjoyment.
‘Mr. Greed’ The first real rock n roll song on the album, full of rock riffs and easy to rock out lyrics. The title of the song gives the subject away pretty easily, your classic anti-greed rock song.
‘Searchlight’ Here you can really tell the album is from the 80’s, everything else is kind of hidden behind that timeless rock sound but this really dates things. It is, of course, a good song, but it screams its age.
‘Centerfield’ This song right here, it’s the perfect summer song, the perfect baseball song, and it’s just great. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time. Just when that opening starts you have the feeling of everything is gonna be alright. You immediately get pumped to watch baseball and enjoy fun in the sun. I can’t express how much I love this song, it always gets me stoked.
‘I Can’t Help Myself’ Much like ‘Searchlight’ this song shows it’s age, but nowhere near as bad as it’s predecessor. It’s also a much better song, I’m not sure if that’s a coincidence or not.
‘Vanz Kant Danz’ And here’s where John goes and fucks up the whole thing. This song keeps the album from being perfect. This fucking awful song was actually changed from the original ‘Zanz Kant Danz to Vanz Kant Danz after being altered to try and avoid legal troubles. It would have been better for everyone if this song was just left on the cutting room floor before the album came out.
‘My Toot Toot’ A cover of a song originally by Rockin’ Sidney’s Zydeco, Sidney plays accordion on this track. It’s really an odd song, at least odd for John Fogerty. It’s more than a little silly, but it’s pretty fun, I kind of like it. I’m glad it was a B-side and not part of the real album though.
‘I Confess’ Another cover, this time one originally done by The Four Rivers. Another weird-ish song, it’s like a combination of R&B, doo wop, gospel and rock. Again, I kind of dig this song but I’m glad it wasn’t part of the original album.

1. The Old Man Down the Road
2. Rock and Roll Girls
3. Big Train (From Memphis)
4. I Saw It On T.V.
5. Mr. Greed
6. Searchlight
7. Centerfield
8. I Can’t Help Myself
9. Vanz Kant Danz (Zanz Kant Danz)
10. My Toot Toot
11. I Confess

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