REVIEW: 4H Royalty: Liars & Outliers

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Cover4H Royalty is back with another album giving some people hope that there’s still good country music out there. With two albums under their belt they don’t show any signs of changing into any sort of downward spiral, in fact they just seem to get better. The new album ‘Liars & Outliers’ is their best one to date. Right from the opening song ‘Your Team’ you know you’ve just started listening an album that you’re going to like a lot. By the time you get to ‘Road Beer’ it’s pretty certain that this is one of the best country albums to come out this year. This album doesn’t seem to be quite as polished as the past couple while still sounding great, and as far as I’m concerned that’s a great thing. Not only is 4H Royalty a gem in today’s country music but this album doesn’t have one filler on it, it’s solid song after solid song. It doesn’t lose steam either, where some albums start out strong and slow down as it goes on ‘Liars & Outliers’ saves songs like ‘(whatever happened to) Whats-Her-Name’ till the near end, this song may also be the band’s best song to date. It’s a pretty simple equation, if you like country music, or even use to like it, so get yourself a copy of ‘Liars & Outliers’.

1. Your Team
2. Frank
3. Gas Cap Rag
4. Road Beer
5. The Shape of Karaoke to Come
6. Moving to the Country
7. Cherry Street
8. (whatever happened to) Whats-Her-Name
9. In the World

Get it from 4H Royalty HERE

REVIEW: Larry and His Flask: Hobo’s Lament

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LarryLarry and His Flask have a new EP out on Paper + Plastick out, while I’m not a fan of that label I can get down with this band for sure. They hail from Oregon and play some country music that has some bluegrass and punk folk thrown in there. This EP is pretty great, it’s the first thing I’ve heard from them in a while and it doesn’t seem like they’ve lost a step at all. Six songs that are all great, they’re fast paced but bring it way down when it needs to be. I think the title song ‘Hobo’s Lament’ is the best on there, though it’s got some stiff competition. Anybody that likes real country music might be into this stuff, I know I am.

1. Closed Doors
2. Big Ride
3. My Name Is Cancer
4. Hobo’s Lament
5. Swing
6. So Long

Get it from Larry and His Flask HERE

Get Hobo’s Lament from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits: Trainwreck To Narnia

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BobbyJoeTrainwreckOn January Dirt Cult records released Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits fourth full length album ‘Trainwreck To Narnia’ and it’s one of their best. The band keeps up with their unique blend of comedy, folk, punk, country and rock. It’s just the start of the year, in fact this is the first 2013 album that I’ve heard but I can guarantee that this will be the only album that sounds anything even close to this. The songs are perfectly written and played so that you’re entertained by just listening to how great they sound and then again by just how ridiculous some of this stuff is. Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits is truly a treasure to music in just about every genre and Trainwreck To Narnia is just further proof of that. If you’re looking for something really different but still great to listen to then you’ve got to check out ‘Trainwreck To Narnia’. And if you’re already a fan of Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits then rest assured that this is another incredible album by the group.

1.  After the Armadillo
2.  Vanilla American
3.  Blues Turn Brown
4.  Biological Imperative
5.  My Darling Boo
7.  Baked Beans & Whiskey
8.  Walk in the Crosswalk
9.  Bone Dagger
10. Censor The Word
11. Hey Everybody
12. The Last Child Soldier

Get it from Dirt Cult Records HERE

Get Trainwreck To Narnia from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: 4H Royalty: Where UFOs Go To Die

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4HUFO4H Royalty is back with their second album and what a good one it is. In fact this may be the best country album of 2012. It combines equal parts Tim Barry and Clint Black to make a unique country sound that’s quality and pure country with a bit of a 90’s touch on it. Not only is this whole album real good but there’s a ton of standout songs ‘Statutes of Limitation’, ‘The Blind Draw’, ‘Fall Off The Face of the Earth With Me’ and ‘Virtues, Spices & Liquors’ just to name a few. This is a band that’ll appeal to not only the alt-country crowd but also to the people that use to listen to main stream country before it turned to crap. The songs are so well written and played I just want to sit back with a glass of whiskey and listen to them all night. If you’re a fan of good country music do not miss out on ‘Where UFOs Go To Die’.

1. Accordion Bus
2. Statutes of Limitation
3. The Black Hornet Rides Again
4. The Blind Draw
5. Fall Off The Face of the Earth With Me
6. Itchy Blood
7. Virtues, Spices & Liquors
8. Soon Enough
9. Where UFOs Go To Die
10. Over & Out

Get it from 4H Royalty HERE

REVIEW: Billy Wallace And The Virginia Blues: Tucumcari, New Mexico and Other Songs

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Billy Wallace And The Virginia Blues is a great band that’s got a nice country sound and some even better songs. Billy Wallace has been around for a bit but for this new album he’s kicked it up some getting members of some other great bands such as The Dopamines, Shivs, Team Stray and many more to back him on this. Going around and picking some great people to be on the record really shows because this thing shines so bright you’ll need sunglasses. Every song on here is pretty much flawless, it’s an album that’ll rank well on many year end lists and it may be the best country album that I’ve heard all year.

1. Bury My Burdens
2. Tucumcari, NM
3. Noel’s Blues
4. Smoke and Glow
5. O! Be Joyful
6. Amy’s Interlude
7. Dear Lynn!
8. Henry Flowers’ Homesick Blues
9. Seen the Light
10. Teach You the Blues
11. A Love Song for Johannes Kepler
12. The Golden Ratio

Get it from Mind Over Matter Records HERE

Get Tucumcari, New Mexico and Other Songs from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Pebaluna: Carny Life

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This is one of the most unique albums I’ve heard this year and I mean that in a very good way. Pebaluna is a two person band featuring Lauren Coleman and Matt Embree, it takes elements of indie, folk, soul, country, Americana, and a bit of R&B and throws it together for an incredible ten song album. This is the band’s first album but it sounds like they’ve been at it for a long time. Every song on here is just fucking perfect. With some you get more of above mentioned elements than others so it adds a great mix between the songs. They all flow together and have the same type of sound while having each song be different on its own. This album is the perfect album to just sit back and relax to, if work or some other life bullshit is stressing you out just sit back and hang out with Pebaluna. If you like music from any of the stuff that is comprised for this band I strongly urge you to check this album out, I’m pretty sure this is going on a best of list at the end of the year.

1. All Falling Down
2. No, I Can’t
3. Sister Sara
4. Carny Life
5. Baby, What’s Wrong?
6. Siren Song
7. Honey
8. Hopeless
9. Please Me
10. Sunshine Lullaby

Get Carny Life from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Unwelcome Guests/Annie Saunders: Colonel Mustard Versus Bluey

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Art of the Underground is here to hook up with a pretty rad split from Unwelcome Guests and Annie Saunders. The Unwelcome Guests side of things is, as always, great. I can’t get enough of listening to them now a days, they do everything great.

‘Stumbling Onto The Truth’ A fucking great pop rock song from the Unwelcome Guests open things up here, this song is so good I’m not sure if it was good to open with, it may be hard to top this.
‘Just Around The Corner’ Well how do you follow up a melodic pop rock song? Unwelcome Guests do it with a fast loud almost country song. This will rock your face all and make you wanna drink whiskey while you pick it up off the floor.
‘Awww Shit’ An acoustic song that rules pretty fucking hard.
‘I Ain’t Marching Anymore’ More acoustic good stuff. This song is a little less rock and a little more folk but still really good.

  1. Stumbling Onto The Truth (Unwelcome Guests)
  2. Just Around The Corner (Unwelcome Guests)
  3. Awww Shit (Annie Saunders)
  4. I Ain’t Marching Anymore (Phil Ochs) (Annie Saunders)

Get Annie Sanders / Unwelcome Guests from Amazon HERE

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