REVIEW: The Instigation: S/T

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CoverGot eight minutes to spare? Sure you do. Why not spent it listening to an awesome hardcore record? The Instigation is a four piece band from four different countries (Japan, UK, China and Canada); they’re here with their first 7″. They’ve released it themselves, its hand numbered and limited to two hundred copies. So needless to say if you get a chance to snag a copy, don’t sleep! They’ve got a great sound that throws together 80′s hardcore and thrash, they remind me kind of Dean Dirg and a version of Razors Edge with the pop stripped out. The record has four of their songs, all of them are awesome and as a bonus they do a great cover of ‘White Minority’. I’m going to go ahead and say anyone that likes good hardcore will be into this.

1. Foreign moron
2. Brainwashed
3. White Minority (Black Flag Cover)
4. Misery Guts
5. Crack Baby

Get it from The Instigation HERE

Get it from Grave Mistake Records HERE

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REVIEW: NOFU: Tape 2012

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NOFU Tape 2012I’ve listened to many pop punk bands from Italy, but this is the first hardcore band I’ve heard from there in a long time. I don’t know what it is about Italian bands but they just seem to do it right. As far as I’m concerned all the best hardcore bands were around in the 80′s and 90′s and that’s exactly what NOFU sounds like. These songs fly by, most of them clocking in at around just a minute long but that’s just perfect. I don’t know Italian so lyrically I’m pretty clueless but my ears still dig what they’re hearing. I can’t express how much I fucking love this stuff, I miss when hardcore sounded like this. People who miss the great days of hardcore need to check out NOFU, you can get it off the band’s bandcamp or if you like the dreaded tape format it’s being released that way as well.

1. Ciò che resta, Noi lo istituiamo
2. Mancano nomi sacri
3. Andenken
4. Esserci
5. Uniti nell’abbraccio
6. Take all the drugs away from Claudio
7. Anni ’80
8. Immagini sfocate
9. 42
10. NOFU

Get it from NOFU HERE

REVIEW: Mikey Erg: Fucifier

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CoverThis is a Mikey Erg record but it’s nothing like you’re expecting. This is NOT a pop punk record. What you get is five thrash songs from Mikey, all of the songs are under a minute long. A fast, loud and angry Mikey Erg is what Bloated Kat Records unleashed upon us. And if that isn’t strange enough this thing isn’t even a normal record, it’s a fucking flexi disc. What’s a flexi disc you ask? You might remember them if you’re old enough, it’s pretty much a cheap flimsy thin piece of vinyl (or plastic for all I know) that has the record pressed into it on one side. It’s square, it’s weird, but it’s better than a tape. If you want to hear Mikey Erg like you’ve never heard him before then Fucifier is what you’re looking for, the pentagram on the cover should tell you all you need to know.

1. Chicago Pussy
2. Second City
3. onezerothree
4. Dum Cos I Said So
5. The Art Of Stupidity

Get it from Bloated Kat Records HERE

Get it from Mikey Erg HERE

REVIEW: A Page Of Punk/Werewolves On Motorcycles

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Page Punk WerewolvesThis split is probably the most insane Drunken Sailor Records has ever put out, at least it’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard. A Page of Punk is an insane Japanese thrash band in the vein of Nice View, Breakfast and Razors edge. If you look at the track list you may think they get an unfair amount of songs but almost all of their songs are only seconds long. They don’t have time to fuck around so they blaze through their side of the split with amazing precision. I fucking love this band so much! Werewolves On Motorcycles have a fantastic fucking name but the band doesn’t quite live up to it (to be fair who could?). They remind me of an early 2000′s hardcore band that blends in rock and a touch of screamo. They’re pretty good but I feel I’d be way more into them fifteen years ago (fuck typing that makes me feel old as shit). They’ve only got four songs on here but they make the most of it with them. Werewolves On Motorcycles put forth a good effort and a great name, they were good but their side of this couldn’t come close to touching A Page Of Punk’s. If you like hardcore, fast punk, thrash or power violence then I highly recommend checking this out, it’s pretty incredible all around.

A Page Of Punk
1. FuckYou12341234
2. Fuck, Fuck
3. F.U.C.K.Y.O.U.
4. 背中に何かが乗っかってるぜ
5. 俺が欲しいのはそれではない
6. 腕時計をぶち壊せ
7. Pressure
8. Punk&Beer
9. Just Like Masai
10. Borstal Breakout
11. Little Bitch
12. カナシイ
13. Unlisted Extra Track
Werewolves On Motorcycles
14. World War III
15. The Burning Moon
16. Beastmaster
17. Life For Pint

Get it from Drunken Sailor Records HERE

REVIEW: Remain In Vain: Someone To Watch Over Me

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Remain In Vai Someone To Watch Over MeIn my younger years I was really into hardcore, though not so much anymore. For me to really get into a hardcore band now they have to be more than a cut above the rest, and that’s what Remain In Vain is. They’re one of the better hardcore bands I’ve heard in a really long time. They’re here with a five song ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’ EP; all five of these songs are really good. I listened to this thing like six times in a row before giving it a rest. I always like bands that have a self titled song because it’s almost always a great song, and Remain In Vain helps prove that rule with theirs. ‘Grind My Teeth’ is probably the best hardcore song on this EP. But ‘Remember When?’ is right out the best song, it’s pretty fucking incredible lyrically and could really be a great song by a band doing a much different style of music too, it’s that diverse sounding of a song. If you like hardcore Remain In Vain is a band that needs to be on your radar.



  1. Grind My Teeth
  2. HHS
  3. Someone To Watch Over Me
  4. Remember When?
  5. Remain In Vain

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